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PlayStation 3 version

Main menu.
A short intro before the plane crashes down.
Main title.
The only way is forward pass the flames.
The plane crashed in the ocean... good thing someone built a lighthouse in the middle of nowhere.
It's not like you can swim back to the shore... going down is the only way.
Loading screen slide.
Over time you will gather a plethora of weapons and special abilities.
Your powers are out of control, and as such switch without your control... hence the "blue screen of death" ;)
Map is easy to navigate until you reach the branching arrows which are plentiful.
Gather various tapes to find out more about what has happened to the residents of this accursed city.
Big daddy won't attack you unless you threaten the little one.
While putting up a big fight, big daddy will go down just as well.
I don't talk to the city residents... my machine-gun does that instead.
When you kill big daddy, you can harvest the girl's powers or help her become normal again.
She is struggling now, but will thank me a few seconds later.
Use electricity to stun the enemy... or kill them if they are in the water.
You abilities need to be replenished, so balance the use of bullets and special powers.
Flame thrower is strong against human targets, but depletes rapidly.
There are many plasmids to choose from.
Hacking the machine... you need to connect pipes to the end before the fluid fills them.
You have different ammo type for each weapon so don't waste special ammo on regular enemies.
This little kitty sneaked up on me... too bad 'cos I'm a dog lover.
Freeze up the enemy then break the ice along with them.
Always check defeated foes and various boxes and cans for useful items or cash.