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90 (UK) (Aug 13, 2009)
I can think of only a few instances where a new fighting game has broken onto the genre as such a strong contender, but with the Drive system in place BlazBlue is a genuine challenger for any fight fan's time. As I write I'm about to get my first taste of The King of Fighter XII on the PS3, and I can't help but feel 2009 is perhaps the best year for fighting games yet.
GameSpy (Jul 07, 2009)
It's at once entirely expected and a crying shame that this game won't catch on in the same way that, say, Street Fighter IV did, as BlazBlue packs what may be the best online play ever seen in a 2D fighting game (it is -- at worst -- neck-and-neck with the amazing Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix in this category, though the option to replay ranked matches certainly gives it a tantalizing edge). It'll likely have staying power (and, I'm guessing, a healthy tournament scene) with the hardcore niche that kept the Guilty Gear series alive for years. For everyone else it's an eccentric curiosity. Whatever the case, if you're fond of fighting games, give it a whirl -- it'll make you think in new ways, and that's always a good thing.
Thunderbolt Games (Jul 07, 2009)
BlazBlue is an amazing game in its own right, regardless of being deemed a spiritual successor. The cast might be relatively small, but it’s a tight-knit one; there’s a whole lot more to its world than initially meets the eye. The story is lengthy and surprisingly well-written, and the voice acting is stellar. The combat mechanics are a solid combination of combo and tactical options, with a dash of insane supermoves for good measure. While there’s a nice variety of gameplay modes and unlockables, the online multiplayer is what will keep you coming back long after you’ve gotten through everything. The presentation sets a new standard for 2D fighting games; no other fighter can pull it off with the same kind of style. The bonus discs are a nice incentive, even if their content has probably been leaked online anyway. That doesn’t matter, though. If you have any interest in 2D fighting, get this game. Aksys has arrived on the PS3, and it’s made one Hell of an entrance.
90 (May 13, 2010)
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is despite its late release over here still not past its due date. Fans of the fighter genre can discover completely new characters and a depth that even many porn stars will be jealous of. The storymode may be a bit static and won't please everyone, but it does deliver one of the best stories we've seen in a fighter. A game we can easily recomment to any fighter lover.
90 (Apr 02, 2010)
Blazblue : Calamity Trigger arrive certainement trop tard sur notre continent mais ce n'est certainement pas une raison suffisante pour le bouder. En effet, c'est tout simplement une déclaration d'amour aux jeux de combat en 2D qu'Arc System Works nous propose ici. Accessible tout en étant suffisamment technique, ce premier épisode de Blazblue vous promet quelques parties endiablées avec vos amis, que ces derniers soient des habitués du genre ou de parfaits néophytes.
86 (Oct 16, 2009)
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger ist wie ein Buch von Ayn Rand: Schrecklich anspruchsvoll, in jeder Hinsicht eine harte Nuss, definitiv nichts für Jedermann - aber das Durchbeißen lohnt sich, denn wenn man den anfänglichen Overkill übersteht, brennt sich das Erlebnis für sehr lange Zeit im Gedächtnis ein. Hier legt man nicht einfach so los, selbst auf dem niedrigsten Schwierigkeitsgrad sind die Gegner fordernd und verlangen sowohl Disziplin am Stick (das Pad ist wie so oft bestenfalls zweite Wahl) als auch den Willen, sich durch das vielschichtige Kampfsystem durchzuwühlen - die benötigte Einarbeitungszeit ist hier weitaus höher als bei vergleichbaren Kloppern; Neulinge dürften heillos überfordert und beim wesentlich zugänglicheren Street Fighter 4 oder dem hierzulande ebenfalls noch nicht offiziell erhältlichen Battle Fantasia weitaus besser aufgehoben sein.
GameSpot (Aug 04, 2009)
BlazBlue is weird, bright, and loud. The colorful artwork, wild action, and totally unique characters may intrigue you, assuming they aren't too much for you to handle. If you can get past the noisy presentation and bizarre characters, you'll find a very solid fighting game with plenty of offline options and excellent online play.