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84 (Oct 23, 2008)
Doch obwohl das Äußere in diesem Fall zweitrangig ist, kostet dies wertvolle Punkte. Denn die inneren Werte sind eigentlich auf Goldkurs: Der Story-Modus bleibt zwar insgesamt eher an der Oberfläche stecken, bietet aber mit seinen Anspielungen auf schmutzige Methoden und Football-Mafia dennoch eine gelungene Abwechslung von den vergleichsweise sterilen Franchise- oder Saisonmodi der Konkurrenz. Und spätestens wenn ein zweiter Spieler das Pad in die Hand nimmt und man on- oder offline auf die Jagd nach Yards geht und die nächste extrem schmerzhaft in Szene gesetzte Verletzung in Kauf nimmt, während man zu einem mächtigen Tackle ansetzt, kommt man als Sportfan kaum noch von Blitz los. Unkompliziert, brachial, anarchisch: Blitz - The League II zeigt, dass man auch ohne exklusive Lizenz gelungene Football-Unterhaltung abliefern kann.
83 (Dec 17, 2008)
In the end, this game is fun to play with friends or online. It has some extra game modes to add to the delight and the story mode is kinda lengthy for a sports title. So there is plenty to keep those entertained that are fans of hardcore football action. There isn’t much wrong with the game perse, it is a title that does its job in delivering the fun and staying true its name. Midway should be commended for improving on a good first title. So if you like to feel what its like to break bones and fix them, while playing a game of football this is for you.
ZTGameDomain (Oct, 2008)
Blitz The League II arrives at a time when most of the things wrong with it stick out like a sore thumb. The game truly is a blast to play with friends and s a refreshing break from the stats and superfluous complexity of traditional pigskin titles. Midway has done a nice job of correcting most of the mistakes from last year's game, but the sore visuals and lack of overall polish keep this game from achieving greatness. Still if you love beating the hell out of your opponents and cracking more bones than a Jet Li movie than Blitz The League II should satisfy your primal instincts for violence long into the winter months.
Worth Playing (Nov 19, 2008)
It's readily apparent that Blitz: The League II is not a game for football purists. The use of power-ups, lack of penalties and dirty play is enough to make them cringe. However, for fans of arcade-style sports games, The League II is pretty good. It's not exactly the best-looking football game out there, the sound isn't exactly mind-blowing, and there are definitely some bugs and flaws, but it succeeds in being fun. It's a little more fun than the previous version of Blitz: The League and loads more fun than NFL Tour. As long as you're looking for an arcade-style football game that is enjoyable to play with others, give this title a chance.
Game Shark (Oct 30, 2008)
Overall Blitz: The League II is a substantial improvement over the original game. It’s very fun to play and although you’ll probably finish campaign mode in a day or two, there’s enough online replay value to get you through the season. It won’t replace Madden for a “real” football game but sports fans will enjoy Blitz’ return to brutal, steroid loving glory.
Gaming Age (Oct 24, 2008)
All I can say is that I am pleasantly surprised by the efforts brought on by this year's incarnation of the Blitz series. I really wrote this franchise off, so I'm happy to say that Midway proved me wrong in this case. The game of course is no substitute for Madden, especially if you want actual NFL teams and realism. On the other hand, if you want a game that is fast, gritty, and fun as hell to play with commentary by Madden himself (actually it's the hilarious Frank Caliendo doing his Madden impersonation) then Blitz may be that "shot in the arm" you are looking for.
GameSpot (Oct 23, 2008)
Blitz: The League II has succeeded where almost all other arcade sports titles have failed: It's an engaging single-player experience. Though the gameplay still shows some of the flaws and repetition of earlier Blitz titles, the over-the-top presentation will keep you thoroughly entertained or, at the very least, offended. If you're a sports fan looking for more than a cut-and-dry simulation experience, and you're not put off by sex, drugs, and profanity, it's time to learn the power of the dark side of football.
Extreme Gamer (Oct 22, 2008)
If you are looking for an alternative to Madden, Blitz II: The League has enough punch to make it worth the purchase. It’s not going to replace the ultra high gloss of its competitors, but it is an original take on the dark side of sporting. The campaign mode featuring L.T. is a lot of fun with enough intrigue that you'll want to throw it a few passes. Besides the muddled artificial intelligence and average graphics, Midway has shown that Blitz is a franchise player. You don't have to be a football junkie to enjoy the bone crunching hits in Blitz II: The League, there is something here for every level of football fan who wants to let loose some and enjoy their own aggressive tendencies.
HonestGamers (Oct 31, 2008)
No doubt, Blitz: The League II is supposed to be the manliest of manly games. Half the time you're playing in the pouring rain. The turf turns into a giant mud pit, and the uniforms are covered in slop after a couple of snaps. One of the stadiums was recently hit by a hurricane and now resembles a war zone, with entire sections scrapped into heaps of twisted metal. The players all exhibit bulked-up muscles, which actually makes their running strides look a little goofy. And of course, the violence is over-the-top, nonstop, and right in your face. If you think the NFL really has regulated out its essence and become a game for pansies, then Blitz: The League II is exactly for you.
GameDaily (Oct 29, 2008)
Blitz the League II is a better football game than the original. Yet, better doesn't mean best as the graphics are still muddy, the story mode isn't up to par and the mature themes are too much for casual football fans. Nevertheless, this is down and dirty football that hits hard. Thanks to a variety of new plays and late hits makes it even more enjoyable. Nothing beats kicking a player, literally, while he's down. Midway also made an ingenious move hiring comic Frank Caliendo, who brings his Madden shtick with laugh-out-loud results. No, it won't topple EA's Madden franchise, but this Blitz is worth playing if you want a smash mouth football game with mature issues.
GamePro (US) (Oct 13, 2008)
I will admit, though, that Blitz II is entertaining in short bursts and that some of its features are interesting, even if the A.I. and shallow gameplay experience leaves something to be desired. However, it is a nice change of pace from Madden, so I recommend it to anyone who wants to toss the pigskin around without getting a lesson in football fundamentals.
If senseless violence and arcade football are your passions, Blitz is the league for you.
GameFocus (Nov 09, 2008)
Blitz II: The League is neither fantastic nor is it bad. The multiplayer is fun and the Campaign does offer a lot of value but the AI issues and the disappointing graphics and sound will put off most people. This won’t appeal to everyone, but if you’re looking for an alternative to the simulation of the Madden Series, you should give Blitz a try.
67 (Nov 12, 2008)
Blitz: The League II isn't a poor game, but it could have been a lot better. The graphics and the sound are average and the gameplay is sometimes frustrating. Everything in the game fits its style: matches are hard in American football b ut those that want more than hard tackles and faults, won't enjoy them a lot.
Gamernode (Oct 23, 2008)
Blitz: The League II is the type of title that is different and fun for gamers who seek an alternative to the typical football videogame experience. When that novelty wears away, however, what gamers are left with is a relatively shallow experience waiting to be replaced by the next new thing.
Cheat Code Central (Oct, 2008)
In all, Blitz: The League II is a fun game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Therefore, players shouldn’t take in-game action too seriously either, and if true-to-life football, play-calling, and tactics is your thing, Blitz is definitely not for you. At the most, this is an arcade intended for a good time, though the fun can tend to be short-lived.
IGN (Oct 15, 2008)
Blitz: The League II provides gamers with the quintessential mediocre package. Nothing in the game - - from the campaign to the online play to the extra game modes -- stands out, but nothing is so bad that people starved for games (how could you be?) and like over-the-top football shouldn’t give it a look. And hey, this is the one place where a ruptured scrotum only sidelines you for a few weeks. There's always that.
Video Game Talk (Nov 09, 2008)
I had a good time with the original Blitz: The League and found that it offered a nice taste of the darker side of football. The gameplay was light, but fun, and the overall experience was enjoyable despite its flaws. The same can be said for its sequel, though the fact that Midway didn't really clean up the nitpicks from the first game leaves something else to be desired. The AI is the biggest offender here, and its unnatural behavior just doesn't lend itself well to the kinetic energy required for a football title. In the end this sequel is a rental as well.
GameSpy (Oct 20, 2008)
It's that lack of respect that keeps Blitz from being a truly entertaining alternative to vanilla football. Players are one-dimensional, drugs are easy to get and use, and playing the actual game itself is more about dumb luck and freaky bounces than skill and ingenuity. We can't help but think that there's room for an uncensored look at the NFL, as long as the gameplay and storylines receive as much attention as Blitz: The League II gives to its nasty injuries.
Playstation Universe (Oct 19, 2008)
Blitz: The League II disappoints on almost every level, leaving gamers praying to be tackled by Lawrence Taylor himself rather than being forced to play the game.
1UP (Oct 14, 2008)
All of this would be easy to overlook, but the gameplay moves oddly, as if lacking animations. Wide receivers cut with a ridiculous lack of momentum -- often suddenly running away from the thrown ball -- which causes interceptions to happen way too often. And even though Blitz touts itself as arcadey, the controls are surprisingly complicated. Blitz II may be well ahead of its most recent competition -- EA's NFL Tour fiasco -- but after the initial wave of gross-out injuries, you'll see this for what it is: an anti-NFL dare reliant on limp shock value and a subpar football game.