Blue Toad Murder Files: Mysteries of Little Riddle - Episode 1: Little Riddle's Deadly Dilemma Credits

Relentless Software

Executive DirectorsDavid Amor, Andrew Eades
Senior ProducerDarren Tuckey
Assistant ProducerJade Tidy
Project DirectorStuart Dodman
Project Co‑ordinatorJonathan Napier
Design DirectorPaul Woodbridge
DesignerRuben Farrus Beso
Lead Sound DesignerSteve Grimley-Taylor
Sound DesignersTim Ansell, Andy Black, Donal Phillips
Software Engineering DirectorPaul Brooke
Game ProgrammingJack Paine
Tools ProgrammingBenjamin Greenfield
Additional Game ProgrammingGraham Blackwood, Ian O'Hare, Chris Pacey
Technical DirectorBruce Heather
Technology ProgrammingAndrew J. Buchanan, Louis de Wet, Adam Mamoany, Paul Riga, Scott Rowlands
Lead Game Systems ProgrammerSimon Evers
Game Systems ProgrammingMark Purser
Art DirectorBen Lee
Lead ArtistGreg Sue
Senior AnimatorsVolker Pajatsch, Susie Wright
AnimationAlexander Crowhurst, Jooyoen Lee, Charles Scriven
Environment ArtistSteve Leney
3D ArtistsChris Britten, Dominic Clubb, Cao-Hsin Lee, Scott Lovelock, Mark Montague, Jun Shimoda
Puzzle ArtistJacques Wingrove
QAJames Burford, Terry Lee, Jonathan Lee Shearn, Liam Wyatt
ITTim Hale, Dan Kragh
PR ManagerHelen Jones
Marketing ManagerHelen Jones
AdministrationRachel Adams, Alex Bull, Chris Horner, Ashleigh Johnson, Sarah Maynard, Claire Owens, Helen Vergel De Dios, Joanna Wigg
SidelinesSini Downing, Iain Lowson
Voice Artist (All Characters)Tom Dussek


TestologyAndy Robson, Steve Alves, Steven Lawrie

Outpost Sound Ltd.

Outpost Sound Ltd.Rob Speight

Special Thanks

Special ThanksBarry Prendergast, Neil Soane, Chlo Giusti, Ben Pester, Sabrina Gasson, Keith Stuart, Eva Field, De Wolfe, Five by Five, Head First, KPM, Migu Trademark, Redant, Sarassin, Vertical Slice

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159615) and James Burford (61)