Bulletstorm Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Start screen
Main menu
Aiming drunk while getting familiar with the controls.
Heading for the bridge.
Vengeance trumps the logic.
Using the ship's cannons to wreak havoc on the enemy battleship.
Descending from a skyscraper in an original manner.
Pause menu.
Fighting the security.
In this game, kicking beats the bullets.
Trying to save one of your crew members.
No one can board my ship without permission.
Kick the enemy onto the electric wires to make an instant toast.
That's called a dual zap.
Acquiring the energy leash.
Use the leash to pull the enemies onto the spikes.
Checking the skillshot database.
Firearms are especially effective after you send an enemy flying with a kick in the face.
Zoom in for better aim.
You can take out mini-helicopters with a leash and precise timing.
Battle in the museum.
Nice view, until you get closer.
Taking the elevator up.
That's one way of putting the warning sign.
There are different bonuses for different kill styles.
Shoot the green plant to make the enemy turn on each other.
Plants can be just as vicious enemy as any.
Use your leash thump to send enemy flying and turn them into target practice.
Boot kick into a cactus makes them instantly pricked.
Watch out for green plants as their cloud can make you quite woozy.
Follow your comrades to the exit.
Kick obstacles to create a path.
Bullets fired from a sniper rifle can be steered.
Some enemies are more resilient than the others.
With a sniper rifle, you can steer the bullet all the way behind the cover.
Pistol's alternate fire is an incendiary grenade.
You can connect to dropkits throughout the game with your energy leash.
You can upgrade your weapons with points you have earned by killing enemies or otherwise.
Up close with some heavier enemies.
The game starts on your spaceship after you dispose of one of the bounty hunters who obviously failed to kill you
The view of the city
Enemy helicopter below us... err, that sounded strange
The background on how and why you and the colonel split ways
Sliding toward the bandit
Yup, that felt good, and very useful in combat
These slums are filled with marauders
Shoot at anything that can explode to take out nearby enemies
Encountering an unknown biological element
A well steered bullets can be priceless