Call of Duty 3 Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Main title
Main menu
Campaign menu
Introduction up to events of the game which take place in 1944
Only the intro video shows some live WWII footage
Unlocked chapters can be re-played
Welcome to the boot camp
Allied troops are heading toward the front lines
Target practicing
Getting ready to leave the camp and head into combat
Stay behind your tank or risk getting shot by the rain of bullets
Enemy isn't giving up without a fight
Keeping Germany infantry from coming too close for comfort
Reloading in mid combat
There goes our tank
It's all up to infantry to decide the outcome of this battle
Game switches to several different allied sides and points of conflict
Tanks to the rescue... a bit too late, though
Scouting ahead with the binoculars
Urban combat
Providing support to your squad from the first floor
Clearing out the castle
Taking care of enemy anti-tank infantry
Strafing at the enemy infantry with mounted gun on the jeep
Enemy took residence in the barn
Every mission provides some basic info
US Fireflies versus German Panthers
Passing by a destroyed enemy Panther tank
Enemy tank destroyed
Mission objectives
German forces are retreating
The infamous Black Baron's King Tiger destroyed
Casualties of war
Sniping the running enemy soldier
Fellow soldier throwing a grenade at the enemy
FIring at two German riflemen behind the tree
Clearing the bunker
Advancing through the forest
Approaching a small town under German control
Blowing up enemy vehicles with mounted twin machine-gun
You can rotate the camera around the vehicle while driving
Holding the mountain
German tanks are coming from all sides
Enemy tanks have broken our defenses
Heavily outnumbered and on a retreat
Bonus materials, characters
Bonus materials, allied and axis weapons
Bonus materials, allied vehicles
Bonus materials, axis vehicles
Bonus materials, concept art