Call of Duty: Black Ops II Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Title screen
Main menu
The player can change the weapon loadout before the mission starts.
Brief flashback cutscenes use live actors.
Commander Savimbi is ready to attack.
Reloaing in the middle of a battle.
About to take out the enemy mortars.
Hudson is providing an air support to stop the advance of enemy tanks.
You can fire without looking through the scope but it won't be very precise.
The enemy is retreating, the victory is ours.
Fateful meeting with Menendez.
Using binoculars to estimate enemy presence in the area.
Swinging across the ravine.
Gliding down using wingsuit.
Loading screens show the area around the carrier which is your base of operations.
Welcome to Afghanistan.
Pausing the game will bring up the mission objectives.
Guess this is one mission where Americans and Chinese will fight on the same side.
Approaching the afghan camp on horse.
The camp is under attack.
Russian helicopter is going down.
Taking out armored vehicles with a rocket launcher.
Menendez, before he went all loco.
When controlling Mendez is his blood rage, you can take out armies with nothing but a knife.
Mendez rushing through the burning barn to save his sister Josefina.
Past events coming back to haunt you.
Discussing the mission details with your comrades.
By talking to Woods you'll be able to relive the events from certain historical missions.
Approaching the beach under the cover of Scorpions.
Silent kill.
Tony Todd as Briggs.
Interrogating Menendez.
Hacking the weapons stash.
Enemy hacked the turrets, turning them against you and your troops.
US president's plane over LA is about to get shot down.
Menendez is about to attack US and China at the same time, bringing the world to a brink of WWIII.
Presidential convoy is under attack.
Try to reach the SAM turret to fend off the drone attack.
Prepping to jump.
They are hitting us hard from the ground.
Avoid the missile hits, 'cos it takes only one.
Landing down.
Some rifles will automatically mark targets.
Look for cover when screen turns red with your blood.
Mission briefing for one of the bonus missions.
Tactical map on bonus missions let you switch between your soldiers and automated turrets.
Controlling a walker with a deadly gatling gun.
Controlling automated turret defense to prevent enemy from capturing key positions.