Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Main menu.
Campaign menu screen.
Every CoD game starts with a training mission.
Mission briefings occur during loading time and can be skipped.
Airstrike took down the entire building full of enemy militia.
Enemy soldiers on the roof... and some of them carry RPGs.
This truck is no match for the hummer... but there's not much space for maneuverability.
Clearing the building of enemy soldiers.
You better climb fast of the ice will break.
Use heat detection sensor on your rifle to spot enemy infantry in the snow storm.
The driver wasn't able to dodge the enemy fire in time.
Just because the enemy is down doesn't mean he's dead.
You can pick up any weapon left by the enemy soldiers, you're sure to find more ammo for it.
Russians are invading American soil... it is too late for peace negotiation now.
Pause game to check mission objectives and map.
There is no respect for the law, US has officially became a war zone.
Defending the roof position on a restaurant against the red army.
Firing a missile at enemy armored vehicles from an unmanned flying drone.
They're coming from the grass, they're coming from the buildings, they're coming from everywhere!
Taking out the guards on an oil platform silently.
After breaching the door, game will enter slow-motion so you can pick your targets less stressfully.
Planting some C-4 and ambushing the enemy patrol.
Approaching the infamous Gulag.
Using sniper to take out the anti-air defenses from the walls of Gulag.
Friendly helicopter providing ground squad with air support, cleaning the opposite wall.
Inside the prison, searching for Price.
Washington D.C. has turned into a war zone.
A stealth mission... let the vehicles pass.
Closing in for a kill... they never look up when they're supposed to.
Using night goggles inside the cavern will show you enemy lasers quite vividly.
Enemy combatants are in the buildings across
Driving through narrow alleys
Climbing up the solid ice
Our convoy is under attack
These white picket fences will need some restoration after all is said and done
Hope the civilians had enough time to evacuate
Urban warfare
Firing at the enemy vehicle after it passed us
Diving mission
Taking out the guards silently and simultaneously
Stealth approach through the oil paltform
Approaching from the air
Reloading while under heavy AA fire
Sniping the infantry on the wall
Fighting in the trenches wasn't so popular since the WWI
Some monuments are still standing... heavily damaged, but standing
There's no time to worry about wounds now, it's an all out assault
Missile is on a trajectory path toward the satellite
Fighting your way through the airplane graveyard