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Conan (PlayStation 3)

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Conan Credits

Nihilistic Software, Inc.

Project DirectorRobert Huebner
Production DirectorMartha Richter Smith
Design DirectorSteve Thoms
Art DirectorYujin Kiem
Technology DirectorBrandon Moro
Lead Level DesignerTimothy R. Miller
Senior Level DesignersMatthew McManus, Steve Kuroki
Level DesignersPeter Mayberry, Nathan T. Cox
Combat DesignerMarion Dreo
Technical DesignersDave W. Cross, Patrick Smith, Jon Slavin
Lead Character ArtistRonald Kee
Character ArtistMaarten Kraaijvanger
Lead Environment ArtistSarah Szundi
Environment ArtistsCarson Utz, Jasmine Sarmiento, Shao Wen Lim, DongJoon Lee, Shawn Foreman
Prop ArtistJonathan Curiel
Concept ArtistsBrenoch Adams, Chris Ocampo
Technical ArtistsAnthony Chiang, Michael D. Ludlam, Michael Teperson
Visual Effects SupervisorMike Parsons
Art CoordinatorStella Balmoria
Lead AnimatorLeo Martinez
Lead Combat Animation DesignerDavid Gardner
AnimatorsLee Greenwood, Michael Shahan, Jeremiah Stewart, Nestor Angeles Jr., Craig Hwang, Myung Lee, Michael Bates, Adrian Sairin
Character Technical DirectorTyler Thornock
Motion Graphics DirectorGreg Savoia
Lead Engine ProgrammerRodney Huff
Engine ProgrammersDavid Farrell, Lee Adams, Benjamin Goldstein
Lead Tools ProgrammerYves Borckmans
Lead Gameplay ProgrammerMark Cooke
Gameplay ProgrammersSteve Mariotti, Jason Chang, John Nelson Rose
Technical CoordinatorSteve Hutchins
Office ManagerShannon Greene
ReceptionistKarlyre Karlton
Technical SupportJeff Beck
Lead QAEdward Chennault
QABrandon G. Hutt
Additional DesignGeoff Jones, Chris Ross, Christopher W. McGee, Joseph Ching, Matt Tateishi
Additional ArtJacob Pernell, Britt Scott
Additional UI DesignEddie Carbin
Additional AnimationElliot Roberts, Cole Higgins, Tristan Sacramento
Special ThanksNSI Families & Significant Others, Frank Frazetta, Roy Thomas, Crom, All our playtesters


WriterSusan O’Connor
Original Music composed and produced by Michael Reagan
The American Federation of Musicians - Drums and PercussionEmil Richards, Denny Siewell, Michael Duffy, Michael Reagan
The American Federation of Musicians - TrumpetsRon Blake, Asdru Sierra
The American Federation of Musicians - Recording EngineerJohn Rodd
The American Federation of Musicians - VocalsScott Collins, Joe Rauen, Kathine Cambell
Lead Sound DesignerJulian Kwasneski (Bay Area Sound Inc.)
Music Editing/RemixingDavid Levison, Harmony Machine
Additional Sound DesignDavid Levison, William Storkson, Damian Kastbauer, Jared Emerson-Johnson
Audio ImplementationDamian Kastbauer


Project ManagerTeresa Chubet
Creative ManagerTom Smith
Art DirectorThom Ang
Vice President, Product DevelopmentRichard Browne
Director, Creative ManagementMichael Fitch
Music DirectorVictor Rodriguez
Vice President, Business DevelopmentTim Campbell
Senior Vice President, Business DevelopmentGary Rosenfeld
Senior Vice President, Product DevelopmentSteve Dauterman
Executive Vice President, Worldwide StudiosJack Sorensen
Special ThanksMichael Bilodeau, Ryan Rothenberger, Deborah Fingerman, Brandy A. Carrillo, Jeffrey Lee Brown, Galen Paolini

Quality Assurance

DirectorMonica Vallejo
ManagersMario Waibel, Michael Motoda
Test SupervisorsJoel Dagang, Lorena Villa
Senior Test LeadMark Avilés
Test LeadsJoseph Pearson, Stephen Florida (Yoshi), David Choe, Carlos Aguilar
TestersCarmelo Consiglio, Natasha Clarke, Vahagn Kirakosian, Onuora Ukaeje, Melissa Marie Thomas, Nick Sporich, Paul Santana, Teresa Curry, Paul Porter, Aris Curtis, Daniel McGuffey, Josh Kimmel, Lovely Morata, Joseph Joyce, Joseph Gozum, Ian Miller, Andre Gonzalez, Matt Reisteter, Scott Young, Scott Anderson, Bret Dubin, Paul Barfield, Tim Thurman, Eric Deerson, Miles Johnson, Kenneth Schroeder, Shane Killion, Kyle Falconer, Jason Pickering, Andrew Dodson, Brian Leighton, Matthew J. Cooper
In Memory ofAaron Behar
First Party SupervisorJason Tani, Jason Hughes
First Party LeadHugh Mitchell IV, Alexis Ladd
First Party SpecialistsJennifer Henschel, Nathan Bell, John Mark Owens, Robert Razo, Marvin Calhoun, Eugene Park, Brian Skidmore, Michael Booker, Malik Aziz
QA TechniciansRichard Jones, Michael Zlotnicki, Justin Drolet, Ryan Cashman
Mastering Lab SupervisorAnthony Dunnet
Mastering Lab TechniciansGlen Peters, T. Ryan Arnold, Heidi Salguero, Ryan Fell
Remastering Project ManagerCharles Batarse
Database AdministratorJonathan Gill
Database Applications EngineerBrian Kincaid
QA Operations CoordinatorSteve Nelson, Omar Flores
HR GeneralistEve Waldman
Playability Engineering Lab CoordinatorDavid Wilson
Game Evaluation SupervisorScott Frasier
Game Evaluation AnalystsChris Emerson, Matt Elzie, Eric Weiss

Global Brand Management

Executive Vice President, Worldwide PublishingKelly Flock
Senior Vice President, Worldwide MarketingBob Aniello
Director, Global Brand ManagementBrad Carraway
Associate Brand ManagerAdam King
European Localisation DirectorSusanne Dieck
European Localisation EngineerBernd Kurtz
European Localisation TechnicianAndreas Herbertz
Localization Coordinator, JapanMasae Yamakura
Localization Test Coordinator, JapanYuki Kokubo
Operations Coordinator, KoreaRachel Lee
Senior Global Localization ManagerAmy Small
Special ThanksTim Henry

Public Relations

Vice President, Corporate CommunicationsLiz Pieri
Director, Media RelationsKristina Kirk
Public Relations ManagerJaime Jensen

Creative Services

Director of Creative ServicesHoward Liebeskind
Creative Services ManagerKirk Somdal
Video Production ManagerChristopher Folino


European Marketing DirectorRichard Williams
European Group Marketing ManagerMickey Torode
European Product Marketing ManagerJulien Socquet-Clerc
European PR ManagerGuy Cunis
European On‑line ManagerHuw Beynon
European Web EditorMartin Moore
European Marketing and Web Assistant John Aikins
Marketing Director, UKJohn Webb
Marketing Manager, UKJon Rooke
PR Manager, UK & ExportGreg Jones
Export Sales Manager, UK ExportLuke Keighran
Marketing Director, GermanyPaul Ashcroft
Marketing Manager, GermanyClaus Schmidt
Head of PR, GermanyGeorg Reckenthäler
PR Manager, GermanyJochen Langenbach
Marketing Director, SpainPablo Camacho
Product Manager, SpainJavier Mañú
PR Manager, SpainJorge Nicolás Vázquez
Marketing Director, FranceSébastien Wadoux
Product Manager, FranceSophie Blandin
PR Manager, FranceChristelle Carteron, Jérôme Benzadon
Marketing Manager, BeneluxRobin Wolff
Product Marketing Manager, NordicKenni Christensen
PR Manager, NordicPeter Jakobsen
Marketing Manager, ItalyPaolo Pastorelli
Product Manager, ItalySimone Cazzaniga
PR Manager, ItalyAngela Lippolis
Product Manager, KoreaJames Jung
Product Manager, JapanTakahiro Morita

Paradox Entertainment Inc.

Paradox Entertainment Inc.Fredrik Malmberg, Thommy Wojciechowski, Joakim Zetterberg

Voiceover Production

Voiceover Production byVoiceWorks Productions Inc.
Voiceover Director/Casting DirectorDouglas Carrigan
Additional VoicesGrant Albrecht, JoNelle Kennedy, Vanessa Marshall, Nolan North, Stephen Stanton, Fred Tatasciore, James Kevin Ward
Voice CastRon Perlman (as Conan), Claudia Black (as A'Kanna), Christina Pickles (as the Narrator), Dwight Schultz (as Graven & Kalden), Susan Boyd Joyce (as Sorceress Queen), Neil Kaplan (as Bone Cleaver), JoNell Kennedy (as Argos Maiden), James Kevin Ward (as Zaguir)
Recording StudioAtlantis Group Recording
EngineersMicah Johnson, John Chominsky

Motion Capture

Motion Capture byHouse of Moves
VP of ProductionGary Roberts
Executive ProducerScott Gagain
Technical ProducerAmy Calcote
Associate ProducerGreta Anderson
Production ManagerChris Bellaci
QA Lead / Stage ManagerAndre Petrossian
Capture OperatorAndre Lopez
Motion Capture ArtistVince Argentine
Script Supervisor / MB OperatorTricia Barnett
QA AssistLaura Siewert
Video AssistNikola Dupkanic

Nihilistic Additional Special Thanks

Nihilistic Additional Special ThanksBihyu Lin (for infinite patience & love & support), Jordan Chin (for all the encouragement & support), Lauren Chin (for all the encouragement & support), Eric Wienszczak, Beth & Sota – my two strongest support systems, Cathy Wauters, Thanks Dianne & Riley & Alexa for all your love and support, Mustard & Pepper for going without walks and being the best pubbies ever, Baby to be named later, Christina Iona Catzoela, The Catzoela Family, Nando Martinez, Susan Martinez, Leonardo Martinez, Nereida Martinez, Joanne & Zoe & Haley, Thanks to Susie & Kane for keeping me [Mike] somewhat sane, Ernie Hudson (& Sasquatch - thanks to my heroes), Cicily Cox, Enoch Cox, Cathy Feraday Miller, Julie Walters, Bruno, Leesa Dreo, Blinky & Freddie, Kristine & Evelyn & Owen, Julie Choi (my wife - also to my parents), Sara the bouncy Boxer, Big ups to the Ocampo fam & tres gringos & celery, Jason Bland, Carol Bland, Dorothy Blumberg, Desiree Whittinghill, Stephanie & Family & Friends, Matt Cooke, Deanna Cooke, Edward Ng, Jayme & Family & Friends, Kathy Hsieh, Melinda & Sagan, Graci for taking care of things while I was at work late, Myung's Mom & Dad & Friends, Annabel & Owen & Lael & Rocco, Mom & Dad & My Sharona, Todd Smithline, Don McGinnis (the Snackman), Robby the Alhambra guy, Love to Chrissy - Tony and the Adams Clan, Nestor Sr., Christina Angeles

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Credits for this game were contributed by Starla (82)