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    A year after a ruthless serial killer terrorized the city, renegade special agent Ethan Thomas has deteriorated into a disgraced, alcoholic pit of despair. Finding it difficult to tell reality from hallucination, he is one drink away from complete self-destruction. But the city needs him. For evil is again on the prowl. And now Ethan must fight both his own inner demons, and the real demons of darkness that threaten to consume us all in Condemned 2™.

    • Bone-crushing combat: Vicious combo attacks and over-the-top finishing moves, coupled with bare-knuckled combat and grappling, allow you to deal with the enemy like never before.
    • An arsenal of weapons: Use a variety of firearms from the 9mm pistol to the crossbow. Almost anything in your environment can be used as a weapon, including tire irons, bricks, even toilet seats.
    • Expanded forensic investigation: The new forensic system allows you to seamlessly collect and analyze evidence while earning achievements and unlockable weapons.
    • Gritty environments: The seedy underworld of Condemned 2 is filled with dangerous enemies and scary situations. The darkness is all-consuming, and the fight for survival will be brutal.
    • Multiplayer modes: For the first time, the Condemned universe supports multiplayer action for up to eight players in four different modes. Play the classic free-for-all Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch. Survive against all odds in Bum Rush mode, where you must hold out against a mob for three minutes. Or try Crime Scene, where the Serial Crimes Unit is in a race to gather evidence while the opposing Influenced enemies try to hide and protect the evidence.

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