Critter Crunch Credits


Published and Developed byCapybara Games
Executive ProducersTom Frencel, Nathan Vella
ProducerSean Lohrisch
ProgrammingAdam Rivard, Drew Grainge, Frankie Leung
Creative DirectorKris Piotrowski
DesignMatt Repetski, Sean Lohrisch
Additional DesignGreg Georgiadis
WriterDan Vader
Level DesignDan Vader, Christian Meyer, Sean Lohrisch, Jonathan Yu, Matt Repetski, Tim Maly, Radek Koncewicz, Dave Langlois
Art DirectorNathan Vella
Lead ArtistsSylvain Coutouly, Nicolas Stephan
ArtistsTri Vuong, Vic Nguyen, Kelly Smith, Amir Shojaei
Additional ArtAnthony Chan, Mike Nguyen, Nathan Vella
Audio DirectorSean Lohrisch
MusicSean Lohrisch, Aaron Saloman
Sound DesignJoel Walsh (Studio 13)
QAChristian Meyer, Jonathan Yu, Greg Georgiadis, Patrick Pichette, Dejan Zahirovic, Jesse Bell, Matthew Sekieta, Robert Argentin, VMC Labs
Capybara Special Thanks toCapy Team, Brad Young, Nathan Bosia, Jack Osorno, George Bain, Chlo Giusti, Francesca Zulueta, Maimoona Block, Gerald Martin, Chris Morell, Jeff Rubenstein, Sony Developer Support, Vernon H. Harmon II, Nick Colberg, Thomas Fields, Richard Forster, Al Fuentes, Micah Mison, James Wang, Jonathan Webb, Matt Swoboda, Robert Withey, Kim Gibson, Slavica Ceperkovic, Agnes Zak, Joseppe T. Blocco, Hank Hudson, Krenwinkle Family
Very special thanks tofriends and family for still loving us.
Produced with the financial participation ofTelefilm Canada
This project was funded in part bythe Department of Canadian Heritage through the Canada New Media Fund, a component of the Canadian Culture Online Strategy which is administered by Telfilm Canada
Produced with the assistance ofthe Ontario Media Development Corporation's Interactive Digital Media Fund

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (206992)