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PlayStation 3 version

The main menu, animated like in The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay
Starting the game with a hot pursuit? Great idea!
Collectible paper pieces with phones on them, where you can call and listen to something interesting.
Introducing The Darkness.
Creeping from a vent shaft.
Other characters use pagers to communicate with Jackie.
Shootout in Chinatown
Darkness kills.
Meeting an old friend for advice.
Police, having trouble with Jackie.
Light kills your darklings, so be careful and destroy its sources.
Delicious corpses for my lovely berserker
Shadows protects you, literally.
Almost dead! Good thing it's sufficient to wait for regeneration to kick in.
Player's journal, with all info needed.
Darklings like to wear stylish clothes...
...while on the job.
Some jokes from Starbreeze.
Keep yourself to shadowed places to regenerate dark energy.
"Creeping dark" in action.
That dude chose a nice position to attack, I can't even see him!
Be patient, and you'll hear more details about what's going on.
Dealing with some dudes, as always.
Darkness can devour hearts of fallen humans for various benefits.
Darklings first.
Got myself a new type of darkling.
Jackie has to use metro as a means of transportation around NY.
Try talking with random people, they may give side quests.
Even "invisible walls" are done with style and heart.
Live on the screen, things happen right nearby you.
Beside outdated graphics, characters look believable and lovely.
A little slide show, shown each time Jackie dies.
Ancient guns, powered by Darkness power.
What is a game without a rail shooter sequence?
During a siege
The story is continued even during loading screens.
The Black Hole, the most powerful power in your arsenal.
Reading The Darkness comic, extra content in the game.