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Main title.
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Main menu.
You start as Sam, talking to your girlfriend but over time get to control several different characters.
Gear up for the mission on the planet surface.
The marker, the source of all the horror.
It all began by making the people go crazy and you had to defend yourself.
Note all the blue lit lockers, you can point at them and open them with an X and take the supplies you're gonna need soon.
The doctor went crazy too, but where are all the patients?
More people went crazy... this is starting to feel like an epidemic.
Laser cutter is most efficient when firing horizontal.
All hell broke loose, it's fight or die now.
People finally started to transform, all hope is lost, it's time to run.
Boarding the shaft to gain on some time.
Use your blade cutter for close combat and to cut obstacles on your way.
Slowly starting to assemble the puzzle behind the incident.
Use stasis to freeze them and them steadily aim at their limbs.
Always be on the look for more supplies as image won't stay focused on it for too long.
From time to time you'll be able to choose your path.
Shooting at the planet debris on a collision course with your shuttle.
USS Ishimura is attacking anyone trying to approach them.
Meeting Nicole, our future hero's, Isaak's girlfriend.
This time you'll be crawling ventilator shafts just as they are... shake the controller to light up your glowing worm to illuminate dark areas.
Entering the sewerage system.
Tentacle heads have a single weak point... their head.
Rain gun fires a wide beam that can cripple multiple creatures with a single shot.
If you want to conserve ammo, aim for the limbs.
Be on the lookout for any explosive containers to launch at the creatures for a great deal of damage.
Flame thrower is great at close range against multiple targets, and it lasts quite a while before need to reload.
Seeing things is never a good sign.
A med room is filled with great many supplies.
Use stasis to freeze big enemies and circle around to fire at their week spot.
More creatures coming down the hall.
You can only carry three additional weapons at the same time.
Lightning gun is fine for distant enemies but too weak to use it when they come closer.
Battle in the shuttle bay is getting out of hands.
Don't forget that your every weapon have two types of fire, use them.
When replaying certain mission, you will be able to take any single weapon with you that you've collected thus far.
Keep your glowing worm lit at all times unless you want to get surprisingly outnumbered.
Some enemies will fire at you, a machine gun is a good way to fight back.