Dead Space Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Bonus artwork contents.
A semi-clarified video feed is the only thing you have from your girlfriend.
Approaching USG Ishimura which seems to be unresponsive to our hails.
Rotate camera with your right analog stick to see how our hero looks like before he puts his space helmet on.
As soon as the game starts, every new option will activate a help screen.
There's noone to greet us... at least noone human.
Step on Xbox console looking boxes to find ammo and cash inside.
Checking the security console... there is no security left on this ship.
Someone's attacking the team... run first, help later.
Escaping via elevator... anywhere is better than here... or so he thought.
And just when I thought I was safe.
This message could prove useful.
Close encounter with the monster.
You can use innovative light beam to guide you to your next goal.
Inventory and everything is done through your helmet's screen projection.
You may need some time to adjust to map navigation.
Save game consoles are limiting you to where and when you can save your game.
Assessing weak spots... aim for the limbs!