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Demon's Souls (PlayStation 3)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

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Category Description MobyScore
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.4
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.9
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.6
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.5
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.3
Overall MobyScore (15 votes) 3.5

The Press Says

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Gaming since 198x
En conclusion, Demon's Souls est un jeu nouvelle génération dans la forme et vieille école dans l'âme. Son atmosphère est merveilleuse, son gameplay est ingénieux et élégant, et sa difficulté est brutale. Il punira votre ignorance et votre incompétence sans aucune pitié. Mais chaque minute de survie est une victoire, chaque boss vaincu un triomphe. C'est un must have de la Playstation 3 venu de nulle part pour tous les joueurs qui regrettent la difficulté des bons vieux Castlevania, Zelda et autres Ghosts'n'Goblins. Le jeu n'est pas sorti en Europe et aucune date n'est annoncée, il vous faudra donc chercher sur votre site d'importations préféré, mais hésitez pas, Demon's Souls vaut largement le coup.
While many may rush to brand it 'not for everyone', Demon's Souls should be recognised as something more; a compelling and ruthlessly well-crafted dungeon crawling romp with untold depth to excavate. Its appeal may be niche, but for those who appreciate a challenging and ultimately very rewarding game in a genre that's poorly represented not only on the PS3 but in this entire console generation, Demon's Souls is an absolute must have.
The game has a lot of complexities to it that would be difficult to discover on one's own. The game is very hard, but not unfairly so; each time you die, you'll learn a bit more about the level, and you'll be able to progress a bit further. I was very surprised with what I found in Demon's Souls. My initial, skeptical reaction to the game's announcement has turned full circle on me: Demon's Souls is the best game I've played all year.
Demon's Souls is the rare game that does so many things just right that it's not difficult to ignore the few minor things it does wrong. Even though you're not, it can sometimes feel like you're playing the perfect game... and it's OWNING you!
It's not for everybody, especially not those who equate "RPGs" with flowery fantasy, a labyrinthine story, or lush, wide open landscapes. If you like RPGs in general, though, you'll find one of the better, most challenging quests of your life -- one well worth picking up. But you may want to clear off any games in your backlog beforehand.
Demon's Souls is a unique and awesome experience. Its immense and immersive world, fine control scheme, deep gameplay, and creative concepts are hampered minimally by the frustration of the grind and a daunting level of difficulty. The game engages players from beginning to end, and keeps calling them back for more. PlayStation 3 owners would be making a mistake to pass up what is one of the best games of 2009 so far.
Demon's Souls is not a game for everyone. Actually, I take that back; it's most definitely something everyone should try, but the look, seemingly unforgiving nature and themes might be a bit off-putting. Don't let them be. Every single person that owns a PS3 should at the very least rent this game to see what all the fuss is about, and those that can remember the good ol' days when games taught through the highly effective use of intense punishment and a heavy price for not playing it carefully should scoop this up instantly. It's utterly unique among the offerings on any console right now, and absolutely, positively should not be missed.
Gaming Age
I found Demon's Souls to be very addicting, especially when you make full use of the multiplayer features. There's no way to sugar coat the difficulty though, and even I had to put the game down for a couple days just to take a deep breath before going back to it. But, the things that draw you back in are the superior level design, morose artwork, and engaging gameplay.
Thunderbolt Games
Demon’s Souls may make you throw controllers. It could possibly make you hate everything you’ve ever loved. It will probably make you yell curse words very, very loudly. It’s also some of the best fun to be had on the PS3. It’s difficult by design, and it never really feels cheap; every problem has a solution, and the journey is undeniably fun. A game that uses the same points for buying items as it does for leveling up (yes, Souls are currency as well as XP) may sound like an exercise in torture, but Demon’s Souls may just make a sadomasochist out of you.
Pas la peine d'y aller par quatre chemins, Demon's Souls est sans doute le meilleur RPG disponible sur PS3. Son ambiance glauque à souhait et sa difficulté relative ne plairont sans doute pas à tous les joueurs, mais les amateurs du genre découvriront là un gameplay solide et exigeant allié à des fonctionnalités online vraiment originales. En effet, vous aurez non seulement la possibilité de profiter des conseils des autres aventuriers, mais aussi de vous lancer dans des parties coopératives ou dans des affrontements en PvP.
But while Demon's Souls doesn't serve the answers to you on a gilded platter, it gives you a number of refined and inspired tools to help you succeed, and its astounding, oppressive world will cast its spell on you. If you crave true innovation, a fair but relentless challenge, and gripping exploration in which every step has consequences, then you crave Demon's Souls.
Digital Chumps
Demon's Souls can be a real pain in the neck with its unforgiving difficulty, but ultimately it's a very impressive game. It's a solid and competent RPG with some innovative and really cool online features, and it goes highly recommended.
The Review Busters
I will not lie; Demon's Souls is a brutally hard game. Beating the game will require numerous deaths and a lot of grinding. However, if the gameplay wasn't as good as it is, I probably would have given up on it a loooong time ago. If you can wait for it and don't mind paying $80+ for a great Action RPG, then by all means, try to find a copy (remember english speakers, look for the Asian Version).
Demon's Souls est une expérience hors-norme destinée à un public bien précis, les joueurs amateurs de défis. Ces derniers trouveront l'A-RPG ultime qu'on espérait pas forcément sur machine HD, les autres, ceux frustrés à juste titre par un concept sans pitié, resteront sur le carreau. Mais au final s'il y a bien une certitude dans tous les cas, c'est que ce titre restera dans les mémoires.
Difficile de supporter d'avoir à refaire, presque entièrement un niveau en cas d'erreur... Pourtant, la finesse de la jouabilité et des combats, la subtilité dans l'exploration, le système de customisation bien pensé, la montée en puissance palpable de votre héros, le mode en ligne permanent et ultra original, l'univers sombre et attachant sont autant d'éléments qui donnent envie d'y revenir pour maitriser totalement chacun des aspects du jeu. Si vous parvenez à surmonter les premières heures pour entrer, corps et âmes, dans Demon's Souls, soyez certains que vous aurez envie de dominer chaque mètre carré d'un niveau, de profiter des différentes fins, d'abattre tous les boss ou plus simplement et pour résumer, de profiter d'une aventure qui rappelle sans mal les vrais jeux d'antan, ceux dans lesquels il fallait réellement s'investir pour en profiter et en sortir avec le sentiment d'avoir accompli quelque chose de grandiose.
The A.V. Club
The forced repetition and steep odds could’ve been a disaster. But the mêlée combat, mapped primarily to the PlayStation 3’s rear triggers, is so beautifully precise, it demands to be mastered. Death always feels like an absence of skill, not an unpredictable abuse on the game’s part. And when players fight their way back to where their own bloodstains are still lying, then make it just a few steps further, it’s enough of a personal victory to compel them to keep fighting. It’s heartbreaking but immersive, that rare occasion that a game truly makes players feel like heroes facing down impossible odds. And every success, hard-won one grueling inch at a time, is likely to keep them coming back for more.
This is one of the most rewarding rpg game out there but at the same time one of the most frustrating game out there too.
I’d love to be pulled in by this world, since it has a certain allure that could lead to a great experience. It has dozens and dozens of hours of gameplay on each playthrough, and vastly different experiences depending on the class and build. The enemy design is, simply put, wonderful, and so many different elements of Demon’s Souls call out to me, demanding love and affection. Sadly, I cannot return its calls. It just goes so far out of its way to be difficult that it misses some key, important elements that would have made it a vastly better game. There's room for difficulty in games, no one is denying that. In fact, Demon's Souls is catered towards this belief. Even so, it goes well beyond appeasing those tired of simple titles, blowing past "hard" and arriving somewhere in-between maddening and infuriating.