Dishonored Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Selecting difficulty level.
Loading screen with story reminder.
Starting a new game.
Leaving the boat on the way to your first objective.
Though very scarce, there are a few minor dialogue choices you can make in the game.
Some in-game cutscenes can be skipped.
Tutorial kicks in whenever new moves and abilities become available.
Protecting the Empress from the unknown assailants.
The Empress was killed, her daughter kidnapped, and Corvo is being set up.
Approaching the distillery district.
Talking to characters will iterate over several different things they have to say until they start repeating themselves.
Your action affect the game story and events which is especially noticeable when you re-visit the areas you've been to.
Sneaking up to an unaware guard leaves you with several options.
Silent kill.
The way Corvo is holding his blade indicates whether he is in stealth mode or just plain walking.
Fighting the thugs.
While they can block your swings, they can't block your bullets.
Blowing up a couple of thugs with a grenade.
Sneaking up from the rooftops.
After rendering the enemy unconscious be sure to move the body to a less conspicuous location.
You can use blink ability to teleport to a nearby otherwise unreachable areas.
There's a lot of patrols on the city streets, it'll be tricky to sneak past them all.
Fencing with the enemy soldier.
Engaging walkers in close combat can be suicidal, aim from the distance at their weak points instead.
Captured by the band of assassins.
Dream sequences usually appear whenever you learn new ability.
A guide in your dreams.
Your mask may hide your good looks, but its gizmos and upgrades will aid you in your quest.
Throwing bricks at the loose boards to dig your way out of the prison pit.
There are two main vials in the game, red one for health, and blue one for mana you use for your special abilities.
Eating various food your can find will slightly replenish your health.
Walking through the vent shaft by possessing a rat.
The enemy guard is patrolling up the stairs... need to time it perfectly so you don't get spotted.
Jumping down might kill you, but using blink to teleport closer to the surface just might work.
Watch out for acid spitting plants.
Using mask's optical zoom which is one of the upgradeable gadgets.
Taking out the guard with the sleeping dart.
Setting the attackers on fire.
Block your enemy's wings to expose them for counter-strike.
Mission objectives.
List of upgradeable powers.
Use bone charms to enhance your character, but you are limited to how many you can use at the same time.
Aside from key items and weapons, your inventory shows plans you have with which you can upgrade your weapons and outfit.
Pause menu.
Area map.
Enemies will evade your attacks.
Quick selection wheel.