Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Trying to escape off of slave ship that seems to be undergoing some serious difficulties.
This mech is looking hostile, better find some weapons first.
First chapter serves as an introductory and gets you familiar with the basic movement and combat controls.
Wide swing will clear the area around you, even if the mechs are equipped with force shields.
Running on ship's exterior while it's slowly descending towards impact.
Stopping to admire the view, it's not everyday you get to ride on the outer hull of the mech ship.
On a collision course with a skyscraper.
Well, when she puts it that way, seems I have no choice but to work together.
Monkey, the game protagonist.
Due to your injuries from the crash, the picture won't sharpen until you find and apply a med kit to your wounds.
Duck behind the cover to avoid getting detected.
Certain finishing moves are displayed in slow-motion cut-scene.
All enemies being mechs, they explode when destroyed.
After catching a mech dragonfly, Trip will reprogram it for reconnaissance.
Certain mechs are dormant and won't activate unless you enter their sensory range.
Some mechs will try and signal for reinforcements... destroy them before they get the chance.
Monkey is strong enough to push any type of obstacles that come your way.
By collecting red orbs, you can upgrade your health, shields, fighting moves, and staff weapon.
Staff weapon upgrade screen.
Signal Trip for decoy to get a breather when pinned down by the enemy fire.
Clarification of how Monkey got his nickname.
Aside from actual fighting, a lot of emphasis is being put on actual climbing, which basically looks like series of jumps.
Use your shield to block enemy attacks.
You can't harm the shielded enemy with a normal fire, you need to stun them first.
Being chased by a large metallic hound.
Even dogs can be stunned with a single shot, but that won't keep them down forever.
Approaching the crash site.
Monkey demonstrating his cloud device.
Cloud lets you move over pretty much anything.
Approaching Trip's village.
The bridge puzzle.
Staff weapon is a pretty powerful weapon, but ammo is scarce at best.
Serendipity while searching for parts on a scrapyard.
A moment of unwanted intimacy.
Pigsy is hacking the computer the old fashioned way.
Shoot at the explosive to create a path.
You can perform a takedown on weakened enemies.
Throw captured mech at the enemy to take them all out in an explosion.
Not so comfy prison cell
She's hacking the ship's computer
Following your rescuer
Taking out your first mech
The ship is going down
Taking a moment to look at the flora and fauna in this ravaged world
Monkey is agile and true to his name
Entering the mech's range of sight
Crossing the crane
A boat ride