Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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Mission location on a FNV map.
You may be tempted to visit this mission by the radio message caught with your Pip-Boy 3000, but is it really worth it?
You cannot kill holograms, but they can easily end you, so try to change their patrol routes so they don't interfere with your scavenging routes.
Better stay out of their sight, but holograms tend to have limited radius of movement.
Someone stole my weapons and clothes and put a nice explosive collar around my neck... what the hell!?
Speakers with red light are indestructible, so unless you want to lose your head, stay clear.
This is an effective way of shutting down the power to those deadly speakers.
Exploring the hospital halls... strangely enough, this is the least scary and deadly place of all.
Auto-Doc can heal your limbs, free of charge.
Rescuing Christine.
In this DLC, you'll have a partner most of the time, and each will grant you additional skills.
Disabling hologram emitter is the only way to permanently shut down the holograms.
Location map.
Sierra Madre seems awfully unreachable.
Ghost harvesters are slow and scary as hell, and pretty tough to take out with weapons you only get to find here.
Lucky shot.
The area is full of deadly clouds, and your radioactive immunity does not help you at all here.
Talking to Dean Domino, another pour soul trapped in this place, searching for a way into the secret vault.
Occasional holograms will perform roles of a vendor so you can trade items.
Christine got her voice back, but there's still a lot on our list of itineraries.
This hotel has seen better days.
After restoring the power, you can play the roulette.
Placing your bets.
And the winning number is...
This hotel has many skeletons in its closet, some more literal than the other.
Gotta find a way past this barrier.