Fallout: New Vegas - Old World Blues Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

This mission, when installed, will appear on your Pip-Boy 3000.
Mission location on the FNV map.
This crashed satellite won't activate before midnight.
Satellite has started showing some movie, and you can enter the Big Empty.
Unless you're at least level 15, don't go starting this mission.
Main title (after starting the mission)
A slide-show introductory movie.
Okay, who took my clothes, and why did they leave the helmet?
Your new place of residence... at the moment nothing is operational, but you can restore pretty much everything there is here.
Meeting the Think Tank which are known for their ludicrous dialogs.
Retrieving the antenna.
Checking the horizon.
Two lobotomites are coming this way.
These rods are all over the place and force you to stay within the compound.
The Big Empty is not so empty as the name might imply.
There'll be all sort of side-quests for you to do here if you've got time and patience.
The map of Big Empty.
Certain new gadgets aren't meant for combat but can be used both ways.
Aiming at two lobotomites in V.A.T.S. mode.
Following the railroad, or what's left of it.
Using a heavy sniper to even the odds in my favor.
Strange red crystals are all over the canyon below.
There are many locations just for the sake of exploring and finding a few useful items.
Robo-scorpions can be harder to deal with if they're bigger.
When fighting robo-scorpions, use rifles, not guns.
When you're back in Mojave, you can always use Big Mountain Transportalponder to return to the Big Empty after finishing that mission.