Far Cry 3 Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Title screen
Main menu
Jason, our hero.
Memories from the time at a nightclub.
Skydiving that soon turned sour.
Encaged by a crazy island dude.
The dogs have caught our scent.
Your brother is taking one of the guards.
Guess we won't be escaping together afterall.
Run or die!
Fight for your life.
Seriously, they brought in a helicopter for me?
Fallen down... is this the end... or the beginning.
Main title.
Just when I was about to thank him for saving my life, he pulls out that blade.
Greeting the locals.
Buying some guns.
Climbing the radio towers becomes increasingly difficult.
Turn on the power to uncover an area radius on you map.
Nice view from the radio tower.
Zipline is the fast way down.
You can commandeer any vehicle in the game.
Driving through the island.
Hunting some boars.
Inside enemy base, posing as one of their own.
Sam is your inside man.
A party of deadly poker.
Quick-time knife fight.
Outside of Citra's temple.
You can carry up to four different weapons at once.
Sniping at the local fauna.
Skin animals to gather resources for crafting and trading.
Island map.
Buying weapons.
Inventory can quickly get full if you start picking up everything you see.
Gliding through the night.
Diving down in the glider to gain on the speed.
By activating radio towers will unlock many new places and information on your map.
Various plants can be used to craft drugs and medicine.
Supply drop side missions will earn you some extra cash and experience points.
There are three different skill sets you can unlock skills from.
Survival guide contains info on characters, places, transports, weapons, and more.