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Worth Playing (Jun 20, 2009)
Fuel is a good game, reveling in its goodness and its genre, without trying to be the exclamation point for every racing title ever developed. It's also enormously fun, both in the ordered-style events, and just roaming anywhere and almost everywhere around this spine-tinglingly crazy world Asobo has envisioned for us. Of course, I'll be playing lots of Fuel in the short term, but it's the sort of game that will regularly come off the shelf for extended play sessions for quite a while into the future. If you like unpretentious, good-looking arcade racers, and "fun" is maybe your top requirement for a game, you'll want to own Fuel. The reasonably unique alternate history theme and sheer magnitude of the game world are all icing on the cake. You might want to pull over right here.
Valhalla (Jul 03, 2009)
Komu spodoba się Fuel? Wszystkim tym, którzy lubią wielkie, wolne przestrzenie. Reszta powinna skierować swój wzrok w stronę wspomnianego już wcześniej MotorStorma. W nowy tytuł od Asobo Studio można grać tygodniami. Nie jest to produkcja, która przypadnie do gustu wszystkim miłośnikom wyścigów, ale z pewnością wyróżnia się na tle konkurencji. Ja Fuela odpalałem czasem tylko po to, aby pojeździć sobie bez celu po bezdrożach przy akompaniamencie dobrej muzyki. Zmieniałem pojazdy, robiłem ewolucje na motorze, pakowałem się w slalom między drzewa, a czasem grałem po sieci. Po prostu dobrze się bawiłem. Fuel naprawdę zapewnia wiele godzin, a nawet dni i tygodni doskonałej rozrywki. Nie potrafię znaleźć lepszej rekomendacji dla tego tytułu. Jeśli lubicie wyścigi to nowa gra firmowana przez Codemasters będzie dobrą inwestycją.
GamePro (US) (Jun 02, 2009)
Still, for all its faults, I ended up liking Fuel; it's a solid racing title and if Motorstorm or Pure didn't exist, I probably would have rated it higher. As it stands, it's the third best next-gen off-road racing title I've played and while third place won't get you the checkered flag, it still gets you onto the winner's podium.
What sounded like a promising game is actually a big dud. Fuel may still look real great from the outside but trust me when I say that you need to stay away. There might be a lot to do in Fuel and a lot of areas to cover but with gameplay like this it is much better looking at this one on store shelves.
Good Game (Jun 29, 2009)
There could be some vehicle tweaking and definitely some reward for second place, but I loved the variety of tracks – if you’re gonna go aracde-y drift and physics, and lots of unmodable vehicles in a racer, you gotta have lots of tracks, and this has stacks. I’m giving it 7.5.
74 (Jun 08, 2009)
Fuel is definitely a racer that will appeal to some, especially fans of Motorstorm and to some extent Test Drive Unlimited. It is a fun game to play, although not quite up to the standard of Codemasters other racers.
There's no doubting you get value for money with FUEL - there's more than enough to feast on here. However, it's a mixed bag of quality, and if we had to make the choice we'd plump for short sharp bursts of brilliance in MotorStorm: PR or Colin McRae's DiRT over the lengthy forays of FUEL.
Destructoid (Jun 22, 2009)
Ultimately, despite Fuel's many flaws, it is a fun game and its heart is in the right place. It's simple to get into, it looks good and at the end of the day it provides some incredibly good racing action. Purists will hate it, but those who just want to have a laugh without worrying about hardcore racing simulation will enjoy Fuel for what it is. A good game in spite of its issues, despite what everybody else is saying about it.
65 (Jun 23, 2009)
FUEL had it all on paper. A huge playing world, extra obstacles thanks to the weather effects and the fast, exciting races. What we finally got was an offroad racer with a huge but pretty empty world with dull races and beautiful weather effects. The multiplayer is a bit simple, the AI is dumb and audiovisually the game falls short. If you're a big fan of offroad racers and haven't had enough of Motorstorm, Pure and other similar games then FUEL might be able to catch your interest. For all others amongst you, you can leave this one be on the store shelves.
64 (Jun 19, 2009)
Das Umherfahren in der offenen, technisch beeindruckenden, aber leblosen Welt ist langweilig ohne Ende! Was interessiert mich das Auffinden von Designs oder Aussichtspunkten, wenn ich dafür zehn oder mehr Minuten einfach mit Vollgas durch die Gegend rasen muss und dabei der Tag-/Nacht- oder Wetterwechsel das Aufregendste ist, was mir passiert? Zum Glück lassen sich die Karriererennen auch direkt anwählen und machen die offene Welt damit überflüssig. Hier kann FUEL zumindest so lange durch spaßige Positionskämpfe überzeugen, bis man auf dem höchsten Schwierigkeitsgrad von der KI im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes betrogen oder durch das Navigationssystem mal wieder in die Irre geführt wird. So wird FUEL als das Rennspiel in Erinnerung bleiben, dessen Spielwelt genau so groß ist wie die Langeweile, die beim Erforschen eben dieser entsteht.
Good Game (Jun 29, 2009)
I found Fuel an unrewarding experience Baj, and that just made me put down the controller in a huff, I’m giving it 6.
games xtreme (Jun 18, 2009)
FUEL is ambitious and it’s mediocre fun at best. There’s excellent technology behind it, graphically it’s quite nice but could have done with more polish. Though the online when it works redeems it a little, it still fails to engage with a limp-wristed career and lack-lustre rewards. It works great as a Point of Concept demo and perhaps the post-apocalyptic setting was a bad idea, since the game is devoid of life even with 16 players online.
GameSpot (Jun 10, 2009)
Some players will embrace Fuel's overall ambition. But if you're interested in racing--and there's a good chance you are--then you'll likely be disappointed by the game's shortcomings. Sure, there are a lot of races and vehicles, and there's a huge, unpopulated open world to check out, if that's your thing. Yet Fuel often seems to go out of its way to invite goodwill, only to let you down. If you're the patient type, it's worth checking out, but if you like the excitement of games like Pure or Dirt, there are better options available.
GameZone (Jun 29, 2009)
What we have here isn’t a game that’s filled with bugs or serious, unfixable mechanical problems that make it unplayable. Nope – it’s just slow; too slow to be fun. And that’s a shame because, if it had been a faster and more aggressive racing game, players would have walked away excited and eager for more. Now, they’ll probably just walk away.
PSX Extreme (Jun 26, 2009)
All in all, a novel concept ultimately does not translate to a proper game, as Fuel is missing some of the standard gameplay traits that define a game like this. Despite its massive terrain, a barren game world, a poorly structured and limited scope prevents Fuel from being anything worth your time. Furthermore, with uninspired visuals and audio that fails to impress across the board this game doesn't even cause a spark. And with that pun, I shall end this review.
NZGamer (Jul 02, 2009)
Ultimately, Fuel’s biggest problem is that it wants to be so big. Asobo seem to heave held onto this ambition like a mantra, and one ends up feeling beaten over the head by it, ‘5560 square miles!’ in glowing lights. Fuel feels like one giant exercise in proving a point, a huge technical achievement that manages to eschew the fundamental rules of a good racer and drive itself, tragically, into mediocrity.
IGN (Jun 02, 2009)
After putting in numerous hours with Fuel, I've struggled to find anything that I especially like about it. The racing has issues, but in and of itself (outside of not being able to select a ride you might want), it works well enough. Not great, but well enough. If you play the game and just skip all of the collection crap (unless you have a ton of time to kill) and just simply move from race to race via the menus, you might be able to squeeze out an experience that isn't painful. But don't go wandering and expect to find anything cool - it's all just wasted space.
50 (UK) (May 27, 2009)
There's certainly a lot of content, at least - and with that much playground, devoted online off-roaders may be confident to write their own routes out of the mire. But all the same it seems unlikely. Of FUEL's many promises, too many are either broken or undermined by its handling, layouts, logic or interface shortcuts. There's no denying Asobo's achievement in building such a daring, beautiful landscape on such a vast scale, but the core of any good racing game is falling in love with its vehicles, the things you can do with them, and the places you can take them, and by that measure FUEL is distinctly average.
UOL Jogos (Jun 16, 2009)
Depois de tanta expectativa, promessas e vídeos com demonstrações incríveis, ter o jogo em mãos e encontrar tantos defeitos realmente desanima os que estavam mais afobados. Nada que "Fuel 2" não possa consertar, mas dessa vez, a Codemasters escorregou feio na curva.
1UP (Jun 09, 2009)
Open-world racing can work (look at Burnout: Paradise). But where that game succeeded in bringing you a fictional world that was full of life and rival cars to unlock, FUEL gives the player none of that and no incentive to continue playing after few initial hours of gameplay. Ultimately, this is a missed opportunity through and through. I would have expected better from a Codemasters published game.
Play Magazine (Jun 04, 2009)
Fuel is just too ugly, unpolished and lacking in focus to have any impact on the genre, crossing the finish line on just the wrong side of average.
HonestGamers (Jun 12, 2009)
Fuel is the victim of a fantastic idea with execution that prevents it from ever living up to its true potential. A sequel that rectifies its many flaws could be fantastic!