Ghostbusters: The Video Game Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Main menu.
Main title from the opening cinematic.
Game contains many funny references to the movie.
Loading screen plays video with some tips and the original Ghostbusters theme song.
Playing some arcade alongside Venkman... notice the employee of the month list on the wall.
Ghostbusters headquarters... you will find many recurring characters in the game.
Trying to scare off the slimer only to destroy the entire machine in the process.
You can check the spirit guide if you don't know how to vanquish certain type of ghost.
Good teamwork, at least your AI buddies don't stand idle while you're doing all the grunt work.
Trapped the ghost!
You can use your goggles to find out more about the ghosts you fight with and also see substances invisible to the naked eye.
Fighting the fisherman ghost.
Dr. Venkman (Bill Murray) kept his sense of humor throughout the game.
This hotel has seen better days.
Looks like I'm on their turf now... the hotel morphed into a full sea theme.
Slam down the captured ghost to the ground to immobilize it temporarily so you can move them into the trap more easily.
You can use Super Slammer trap on the roof of your vehicle to capture any ghost immediately.
The battle across the town is starting to escalate.
Taking out the mini puffs.
The big Stay Puff is coming very close.
A room with a view.
When it's time to save the damsel in distress, Venkman will come running.
Boss fight with Stay Puff.
Who you gonna call!?
The team is ready to go.
Arriving at the old library, the next point of interest.
When near an invisible substance of interest, you'll get prompted to use the PKE meter.
The books are flying about, keep your head down.
Haunted objects like book swarms can be destroyed.
Use slime tether to move huge objects with an ease.
This ghost may be using mirrors to its advantage, it may be a good idea to break them all down.
North & South, with ghostbusters in the mid conflict.
Boss battle against the spider witch can be tricky as she can heal herself.
Use green slime to destroy deadly black slime.
Fight in the sewers.
Some enemies will rush at you so it's best to destroy them before than get their chance.
Rescuing the captured team members, one by one.
Showdown at the graveyard.
There are many unlockable making-of arts and videos.