God of War: Ascension Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Prologue story.
Zeus' Furies are your main enemy throughout this game.
Main title.
Main menu.
Options screen.
Creating profile before starting the game.
Jumping over the obstacles.
Basic attacks tutorial.
Double jump will help you cross wider holes.
Chasing one of the furies.
Use your chain blades to grapple enemies and toss them around.
Ripping the guy's head off.
Kratos' kick will send most enemies flying into the wall.
Open the green chests to replenish your health bar.
Red orbs let you upgrade your weapons.
Mash the button to open the gate.
Random hint messages during gameplay.
Time to squash those bugs.
The Fury is really afraid of you, creating all kinds of enemies to buy her time to escape your grasp.
White chest contains either aGorgon's eye or a Phoenix feather which respectively increase your health and mana bar.
Passing through an abandoned village.
Rotating strike from the air.
Hack at the Juggernaut but evade his swings if you want to finish it off.
Juggernaut kill always yields health orbs.
Red arc over the enemy creature marks it as temporarily stunned which provides you with a window of opportunity for a quick-time event or instant special kill moves.
Certain objects can be pulled and pushed to help you reach higher places.
Acquiring lightning blades.
Lightning of Zeus gives your blades the power of lightning.
Taking on the multiple goat attackers.
Launch the enemy in the air then jump to land additional strikes.
Kratos can rip apart lighter enemies.
Weapons upgrade.
Journal entries can be found scattered around.
Going up.
Taking a swing to break in through those boards.
Sliding through the body of a giant snake transport.
Kratos has trouble differentiating between reality and illusion.
Repairing the pass by folding time.
Using the relic that manipulates time against enemies will keep them floating in time bubble making them easy pickings for you.
One of us is jumping, the other one is sucker punched into oblivion.
Quick-time event finishing move will fail if you fail to press correct button at the right time.
As in previous installments, this game does not lack brutality.
Watch your step.
Repairing the old mill by manipulating time mixing past and present.
The welcoming committee.
Swinging the blades of Hades.
That was too close... the Kraken threw the part of the ship at me.
Don't look down.
Use the chain to take the shield from the shielded opponents.
Slamming the big bad minotaur into the wall with a hammer.