God of War Collection Credits

Remastering Team Credits - Bluepoint Games

ProgrammingTed Chauviere, Jack Mathews, Andy O'Neil, Robert Sitton, Marco Thrush, Rob Wyatt
Additional Programming by Wholesale AlgorithmsGavin Dodd, Matthew Whiting
Business and LegalGavino Morin
Production AssistantsEric Doggett, Cory Gere
Bluepoint ThanksOur family and friends for love and support
We would also like to extend many thanks toAll at Santa Monica Studio

Sony Computer Entertainment America - SCEA Santa Monica Studio

ProducerYumi Yang
Executive ProducerJohn Hight
Directors of TechnologyTim Moss, Christer Ericson
QA & Localization ProducerHarvard Bonin
Associate ProducersWilliam Weissbaum, Sean Cunningham
Studio Project ManagerKenneth T. Roy
Game TestersPaul M. Walker, Ryan Norman
Creative DirectorStig Asmussen
Trophy DesignTodd Papy, Jonathan Hawkins, Justin Hendry
Art DirectorKen Feldman
Concept ArtAndy Park
Senior Director, Product DevelopmentAllan Becker
Vice President, Product Development, SCEA, Part of SCE Worldwide StudiosScott Rohde
President, World Wide Studios, Sony Computer EntertainmentShuhei Yoshida
Special ThanksBrad Aldredge, Matthew Arrington, Clint Bajakian, Cory Barron, Jacob R. Buchert III, Kevin A. Brown, Matthew Cappiello, Steve Caterson (aka Scat), Chad Cox, Paul M. Fox, Douglas Kelley, Phillip A. Kovats, Ariel Lawrence, Randall W. Lowe, Giovanni Luis, Deborah Mars, Thomas Miller IV, Jason Minters, Grace Modino, Arturo Mora, Tanya Page, Cédric Perthuis, Ted Regulski, Matteo Scapuzzi, Tom Sekine, Gene Semel, Bob Soper, Michał Staniszewski, Christopher Sutton, Jason Swan, Kathryn Tunis, Whitney Wade, Phil Wilkins, Jo Wright, Jonathan Alan York, and the Spouses/Significant Others, and families of the development team

International Technology Middleware Provided by

Vice President, Global Technology GroupRichard Lee
Director, Tools and Technology GroupEdward Lerner
ManagerKeith Charley
EngineersGarin Hiebert, Jim Sproul, Joshua Breindel, Laurent Betbeder, Nicky Hind
Vice President, Global PlatformCharles Connoy
First Party Quality Assurance (FPQA) Sr. DirectorRitchard Markelz
First Party Quality Assurance (FPQA) DirectorJeff Wilkerson
Test Operations, Sr. ManagerTim Vanlaw
Test Operations, QA Test ManagerAndrew Vecchio Moore
Test Operations, QA Test SupervisorSean D. Valencia
Test Operations, Lead QA TesterRodger Aladray
Test Operations, Sr. QA TesterJackie Sutherland
Test Operations, Lab TechnicianVince Loughney
Contingent Game Test AnalystsCurtis Bennett, Neil Viray, Edmund Campbell
Network and TRC Test Teams, QA Test ManagerJ. Cruz Garcia
QA Testers, Network Test TeamPaul J. Flannigan, Greg Hicks, Robby Cheverton, Will Cao
QA Testers, TRC Test TeamChris Scott, Jonathin Morse, David Evans, Antel Powell, Daniel Carrigan
Contingent Game Test Analysts, TRC Test TeamSean Davis, Shaun Distor, Matthew Morgan, Daniel Griego, Ryan Halverson, Ryan Page, Joe Petronaci, Noah VerSluis, Nathan Elberson, Callista Tieu, Bob Jordan
Support Services Group, Sr. ManagerJim Wallace
Support Services Group, Manager, Release ManagementEric Ippolito
Support Services Group, ManagerMatt Harper
Support Services Group, Release ManagerRonald Pascucci
Support Services Group, Associate DevSuite Web AdminJohn Hirai
Global Hosting, Sr. DirectorAdam Harris
Product Development IT, Sr. ManagerSteven Kirk
PDIT Studio Support, Studio IT ManagerDavid Thach
PDIT Studio Support, Sr. System AdministratorVinh Tran
PDIT Studio Support, System AdministratorColby Turner, Greg Yip
PDIT Studio Support, Help Desk Support SpecialistTravis Sher

SCEA Marketing

Vice President, Product MarketingScott A. Steinberg
Director of Product MarketingChip Blundell
Sr. Product Marketing ManagerDon Mesa
Product Marketing ManagerAnthony Caiazzo
Product Marketing SpecialistKenneth Chan
Product Marketing InternMalcolm Berman
Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social MediaPatrick Seybold
Director of Product PublicityRon Eagle
Public Relations ManagerScott Goryl
Associate Public Relations ManagerClaudine Ricanor
Social Media ManagersJeff Rubenstein, Chris Morell
Sr. Director, Marketing Alliances & ActivationGinger Kraus
Sr. Manager, Marketing AlliancesKatie Schibler
Media Partnership SpecialistBrian Gauld
Director, Channel Marketing and EventsJoby Hirschfeld
Sr. Manager, Channel MarketingBob Johnson
Channel Marketing ManagersMichael Delacruz, Marie Manapat, Kacey Fahey, Lara Belleza
Creative ServicesJack Siler, Joseph Chan, Larissa Gamarra, Michael Brynteson, Richard Jones
Loyalty Programs ManagerChristopher Hagedorn
Web Project ManagerNatira Suchoknand
Web Program SpecialistShelli Griss

SCEA Legal

Sr. Corporate CounselSteve T. Madsen, James Riordan
Manager, Privacy & IP ComplianceChristine DeNezza
Sr. ParalegalPam Teller
Paralegal, Music LicensingMary Nappi

Special Thanks

We would like to thankeach individual at Sony Computer Entertainment America
With Special Recognition to the Executive Management Team IncludingJack Tretton, Jim Bass, Glenn Nash, Riley R. Russell III, Peter Dille, Phil Rosenberg, Ian Jackson, Sally Buchanan, Robert K. Dyer

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Glenn Nash, 202 other games
Eric Ippolito, 199 other games
Jim Bass, 179 other games
Scott Rohde, 161 other games
Scott A. Steinberg, 152 other games
Allan Becker, 148 other games
Charles Connoy, 139 other games
Phil Rosenberg, 138 other games
Jack Siler, 135 other games
Robert K. Dyer, 114 other games
Clint Bajakian, 114 other games
Vince Loughney, 113 other games
Richard Lee, 110 other games
Chip Blundell, 109 other games
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Matt Harper, 99 other games
Joby Hirschfeld, 98 other games
Ron Eagle, 96 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (179127)