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PlayStation 3 version

Main menu
When he's not battling the enemy, he's taking care of women's needs.
Kratos is new god of war and his power is immense now.
Weaker enemies can be killed in a single finishing move.
Kratos is not limited to a single weapon.
A metal door won't stop you from getting to the next room.
Kratos is launching himself at the titan.
Zeus is killing Kratos and stripping him of his immortal powers.
Redefining the term "climbing".
As a mortal, Kratos will have to go through his weapon and power upgrades once again.
Tougher enemies can only be gripped after being incapacitated, but you gotta get them fast.
Using bow drains power so there is limit to how many times you can fire.
Apparently, Kratos is good at soccer as well
A brutal kill gets you more points and appreciation for what the game offers.
Climbing up the chain.
Kratos got a pair of wings from Daedalus.