Written by  :  cycologist (6)
Written on  :  Jun 03, 2014
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Should have been titled GT 3of5 cause that's what we got

The Good

New cars, new tracks. Initial menus were speeded up and simplified. No used dealership. Physics are okay.

The Bad

It's like buying a new car and then having your mechanic take a look. And he tells you that you bought a 3 year old car with a cassette drive, no speedometer, poor tires and that to get it where you want it to be... well, lets not go there.

Shadows are still atrocious. Damage is majorly scaled back (not that it was good or anything). No course creator... was in GT5... not in GT6 as of June 2014. No testing... was in GT5... not in GT6 as of June 2014. No photo modes from GT5... most in GT6 are average. No monthly DLC unless you include updates. Online community features lacking. Videos are no longer streamed on demand. Now they're downloaded as part of updates whether you want them or not. Huge data drain.

No obvious progress beyond cars, tracks and the interface. And that interface is like a new car too, cause once you're under the hood, you realise it's the same as it's always been.

The Bottom Line

FAIL! Buy GT5. It's cheap and the glitches have been worked out. Still has promise but Polyphony Digital hasn't inspired a lot of confidence in me lately.