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Hi-Octane (PlayStation 3)

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In the German gaming magazine PC Player (issue 01/1996) Hi-Octane received a special award for being the "Hardware Eater of the Year 1995".

Contributed by Patrick Bregger (100845) on May 13, 2009. -- edit trivia

Another version of the "Hi-Octane in X weeks" is: EA set Bullfrog under pressure to release Dungeon Keeper or Magic Carpet 2 - but they weren't able to. So they released Hi-Octane - a quickly done game, that might be the most uninteresting Peter Molyneux-Game ever...

Contributed by Felix Knoke (136) on Dec 06, 2002. -- edit trivia

Hi-Octane was released as a playable demo on EA Shortplays CD.

Contributed by James1 (240) on Sep 29, 2001. -- edit trivia

I read in PC Gamer a while ago that this game was made in two weeks as a side project during the making of Dungeon Keeper

Contributed by emerging_lurker (136) on Aug 27, 2000. -- edit trivia

According to legend, Hi Octane began a game the Bullfrog team on their own free time, for fun. Then they decided to improve and market it. (I have no idea if this is true.) (I have also heard this; if a member of the development team could verify this fact, we'd appreciate it. --Ed.)

Contributed by Mickey Gabel (357) on Aug 22, 2000. -- edit trivia

Bullfrog later released an addon pack for Hi-Octane which included additional features made for the Saturn version. These extra features included more tracks, split screen, deathmatch and more.

The engine used for Hi-Octane was a modified version of the Magic Carpet engine.

Contributed by Richard Wilson (21) on Aug 20, 2000. -- edit trivia