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PlayStation 3 version

Main menu.
Opening shows a sacrificial ceremony of a young boy, namely the player.
By a force of nature, or a miracle, you are set free from being entombed alive.
Locations in Ico are large and open with nothing but space to run a lot.
You can hold a button to zoom in on the camera and play it that way whenever you feel too distant from your character.
Climbing the chain... in most cases, you can swing on it as well.
You can carry certain items like jars or explosive bombs and use it to solve the puzzle at hand.
On your quest to escape you will team up with a cute little girl with strange powers.
Shadows will constantly come from black holes to try and take away the girl
Can't go this way until the bridge is raised.
You can save your game by sitting together on a sofa.
Align all torches to light the fire.
On top of the windmill.
When shadows take the girl into the black hole, there will still be a window of opportunity to reach in and save her.
Battling the shadows armed with nothing but a stick.
Crossing one of the many bridges this castle has.
You can hold her hand or call out to her when further apart, but don't leave her alone or the shadows will claim her.
She seems to be losing the battle against the darkness.
A dash for freedom... if only it would be this simple.
The situation is usually reverse, but this is an exception.
Jumping to a swinging cages.
Entering the cavern.