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You can continue story on the original Infamous if you have a save game file, which will provide you with initial bonus karma points.
Summary of the events that transpired int he original game.
What you've been up to lately.
Zeke Dunbar is a man of simple principles.
Learning the controls.
Cole is trying to protect the Empire City against the Beast.
Cole's powers seem to be at their peak at the beginning of the game.
The docks are being blasted away by your conflict with the Beast.
Blast the bolts of electricity at the Best before he squashes you like a bug.
Arriving at the new town, hoping to buy time until you get stronger to face the beast once again.
Raising karma, either good or bad, will give you access to new powers.
Cole's deadliest enemy is water... it doesn't mix well with electricity.
Testing Zeke's latest invention for close combat, the Amp.
Basic blast shot is still the weapon of choice for long range attacks.
Ability to focus the view on the object of interest occasionally becomes available.
Gameplay controls.
The city of New Marais isn't gonna be an easy sanctuary as there are multiple gangs and swamp creatures plaguing it.
Welcome to the city of New Marais.
Certain actions like silencing the protesters on the street will raise your bad karma.
Cole may not be able to fly, but this is second best thing to that.
Looking for agent Kuo who has recently been abducted.
Meeting new allies.
You can climb the ladders, but where's the fun in that seeing how you can climb anything and fall from any height.
Night view of the port from the nearby roof.
Super-sliding on the power line.
You can climb pretty much anything that looks climbable to a naked eye.
You can fall from any height without getting hurt, but gliding will let you reach further areas than free fall.
Pause menu.
Healing the wounded police officer.
That is one big ugly beast... aim for the glowing weak points.
Cole performing gutsy finisher moves against the swamp monsters.
Shooting at the beast will wound it, buy throwing a car on it will make a much bigger damage.
Testing your new power that lets you jump higher when you're on a car.
When you jump down with a blast you will create a shockwave damaging everything in a certain radius.
Testing the vortex super power.
Sometimes you will encounter a conflict between different bands in the city.
Crusher is hard to defeat, but using grenades will do the trick.
Cole testing a new ice based power that erects ice shards from the ground and launches Cole high in the air.
Any phone calls are ignored during special leisure time.
Every mission rewards you with experience points you can use to purchase new powers.
Industrial area of the city.
Aiming at the carrier pigeon.
White glowing missions are missions that progress the story.
This is supposed to be the device that will help you defeat the Beast... but it won't stop only at that.
Certain key missions present you with a dilemma.
When you are near a wounded civilian or an enemy soldier, you can heal them, leech their life power, or restrain them.
There are several powers for selection for each of the power buttons, but only one can be assigned at any given time.
Cole possesses a special sight that lets him see the people infested with a deadly virus.
City map.
There are many mini bosses mixed with regular enemies, especially as the game moves closer toward the end.

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