John Woo presents Stranglehold Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Loading screens provide with random hints.
Badguys are en route to kidnap Tequila's family.
Kidnapping Tequila's family may be their undoing.
Main title.
Main menu.
Police headquarters.
Noone seems to be volunteering to go in alone.
Chow Yun Fat is back as inspector Tequila.
The streets of Hong Kong.
Unless you know the controls, hide and learn them quickly!
A shot at close range.
Check your mission objectives on your cellphone.
When interacting with objects while enemy is in your line of sight, the slow-motion effect will automatically begin.
Turn the tables to create a temporary barricade.
Shoot the signs and air conditioners to take out enemies below.
Jumping forward or backward while facing the enemy will start the slow-motion effect.
Shotgun headshot at point blank, ouch!
No cover can protect you permanently, so act quickly.
Taking out the huge neon sign on top of enemy bunker.
Collect medkits to replenish your health.
Headshot with a precision aiming feature.
The standoff situation.
The moment before the bullet hits.
In-game menu screen is a part of Tequila's badge.
Selecting the chapter to replay.
These musicionas know no fear, or they really got paid big not to move during the gunfight.
Taking out the gentlemen in black suits.
When someone's taking a cover behind the wall, a precise shot might do the trick.
The badguys seem to be having some reconcilable differences.
W welcoming committee at the local museum.
Switching the mag to an unstoppable mode.
Until the time runs out these bullets won't stop and you cannot be harmed.
Death from above.
Jumping right into an enemy pack.
Tequila packs a helluva punch in melee combat.
Tequila Time option will clear out the still present enemies.
Tequila Time option with twin-pistols.
Keeping his composure even when all the odds are against him.
Evading bullets in the standoff situation.
Some enemies will try to dodge your bullets and run for cover.