Journey Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Main screen
Let's start a new journey.
Sliding down the hill.
I have to find a way across.
A companion has joined my game.
Sitting at the level end.
Cutscene between the levels, showing progress so far.
We are moving towards that mountain.
Magic carpets can recharge the character.
Who knows, maybe there's a glyph behind that corner?
Another slide, this time for much longer.
That game should have been called "wallpaper generator".
A cliff at the end of race leads towards a huge pit.
Those medusas help you to get upward.
Whoa, there's something you actually have to keep your distance from.
Whistling is the only way to interact with the environment.
A little shrine you have to activate to progress.
A mysterious character appears.
From a desert to snowy mountain peaks. What lies next?
A strong wind will blow you away, so keep cover behind those stones.
It's better to avoid the attention of those giant creatures.
That mountain sure is harsh.
Flying above the clouds.
That's it, the journey is almost over.
I thank for the game too.
After the credits, you can see list of players that became your companions during the journey.