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Killzone 2 Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Opening cinematic showing Helghast's counselor.
This time, human kind is invading their planet.
First wave has encountered a heavy resistance.
Helghast troops fended off first wave of attackers.
Main title.
Main menu.
Loading screen can be slightly rotated with SIXAXIS gamepad.
Looking at yourself in the mirror.
Follow Garza to the launch bay, the invasion is about to begin.
Eavesdropping on their conversation.
Soldiers are very enthusiastic about the assault.
That's called a rough landing.
Enemy forces are fiercely guarding their planet.
Heavy barrage coming from that bridge.
Use targeting scope for better precision.
Enemy troops coming from the building across.
Enemy is bringing in some heavy armored infantry.
Shoot the tanks on his back... it will explode after a lot of bullets.
Enemy soldier down.
A lot of dead comrades in these waters... enemy is above our heads, waiting for us.
You can look from the corner when crouching behind the cover.
One down, a few more behind him and I'll need to reload... not good, not good at all.
Use your SIXAXIS to turn on the wheel.
A tricky boss battle... the thing is to shoot at the nearby energy towers, not at the enemy ship.
Approaching one of the villages through the desert.
Attacking head on is the best strategy to die quickly.
Helgast general seems to have captured few of your friends.
Running after the enemy general, but encountering a heavy enemy resistance on the way.
Defending the cruiser against enemy fighters.
Using a mechanical walker to clear out the enemy barricades.
Sev! You gotta blow up that tank!
In a tank you're almost invincible
Havoc physics :D
Heavy machine gun
Flamethrower in action
Commander overlooking the invaded city
Mounting a turret
The bugs will readily eat corpses while they're still warm
There's a factory down there
Great gun, it doesn't even require ammo
The city turned into wasteland after a huge explosion
Enemy fights fiercely protecting the palace entrance
Collectible stuff
Inside Visari Palace
Nice to see curtains really burn
Time to confront Radec
Bot match - overview
Bot match - customizing the soldier
Bot match - (re-)spawn screen
Playing a bot match