Lair Ad Blurbs (PlayStation 3)

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Advertising Blurbs
    Immerse yourself in the living, breathing world of dragons made possible only through the power

    In a world ravaged by natural disaster, two civilizations clash in a violent war for control
    over the last remaining water source in the land.
    A new franchise from Factor 5, the team behind the classic Turrican and Rogue Squadron
    series, this is the story of a civilisation's epic struggle to repel the onslaught of an
    unrelenting army.

    As an elite Sky Guard, you ride a voracious flying dragon capable of deadly aerial combat
    and stunning ground raids. With the power to bend the 40-tonne beast to your will, it will
    scorch, claw and eat through thousands of enemies as you soar through the skies,
    hunting down prey.

    Command the ultimate weapon of war as you seek to turn the tide in a series of ground
    and aerial battles interwoven with an epic and compelling plot.

    Witness a tale of conflict, betrayal and revenge, against the backdrop of a stunning
    fantasy world full of exotic creatures, including a range of dragon-types with individual
    strengths and weaknesses.

    Engineered to take full advantage of PLAYSTATION 3, this title is one of the first to unlock
    the potential of the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller.

    • Launch into battle on the back of a 40-tonne dragon - soar through the skies ramming and
      clawing your enemies, or trample opposing troops on the ground
    • SIXAXIS Wireless Controller use - one of the first PS3 titles to truly exploit the unique
      features of the PS3 controller
    • Stunning visual style - an imaginative fantasy world consumed by war, filled with glorious
      landscapes and fearsomely vivid mythical creatures

    Contributed by DreinIX (10674) on Feb 16, 2008.