LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (PlayStation 3)

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Overall User Score (2 votes) 2.7

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All in all, it's amazing the amount of content that's packed into this game -- this is more than a sequel, even while including a redux of the first game's three movies. There's a little bit of something for everyone here, be it the completionist, level-builder, or those who simply like to explore the Indiana Jones world. And most of all, Lego Indiana Jones 2 manages to do something I never thought possible -- it makes Kingdom of the Crystal Skull not terrible. Truly, this is a treasure of a game.
Die clevere Idee der Erweiterung der Oberwelt in Zusammenarbeit mit der Verkürzung der Levels funktioniert wunderbar. Außerdem ist das Spiel weitaus witziger als der dunkle Rächerklotz - und obwohl der Editor derzeit aufgrund der Offline-Beschränkung eigentlich kaum eine Existenzberechtigung hat, finde ich es sehr gut, in einem Lego-Spiel auch tatsächlich mal etwas selbst bauen zu dürfen. Allerdings sollte man davon abgesehen keine Überraschungen erwarten: Das Spielprinzip ist seit Lego Star Wars unverändert und wirkt damit auch mittlerweile unverändert staubig. Außerdem finde ich es (in negativer Hinsicht) bemerkenswert, wie störrisch die Entwickler an der nervenden Vehikel-Steuerung festhalten, die seit dem ersten Teil unverändert schlecht ist. Doch davon abgesehen bekommen Fans mehr Futter vom bislang besten Lego-Teil: Der Humor stimmt, die Spielbarkeit stimmt, der Umfang stimmt mehr denn je. Lego Indiana Jones 2 ist ein großer Spaß!
Even so, there's little need to make your own stages. The game is already full of them, and they kept me plenty busy throughout. The established Lego game design wasn't broken, but, after so many games, it was beginning to get a bit stale. Those used to the previous titles might feel a bit disoriented at first, but you'll soon settle in and begin having fun exploring the large hubs and condensed levels. Now here's the big question: how long before we can expect a Lego version of "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles"?
There simply isn't enough content to sift through among the four Indiana Jones movies to warrant another sequel, as evidenced by the limited level design and lackluster cast of characters, relative to those seen in LEGO Star Wars. For a title that sells based on platforming with a pal, it was also disappointing to realize that there wasn't an online co-op mode. That said, the usual LEGO charm, casual puzzles, and broad-audience appeal of the visuals are all present. Strap in, grab your Fedora and buckle up with an (offline) mate, spouse, sibling or even child. For those that missed the first, this Indy adventure is as definitive as it gets. After all, you need to consider yourselves lucky - God forbid a LEGO Twilight in the near future.
Game Revolution
Lego Indiana Jones 2 is yet another solid addition to the Lego games formula and a great game for the younger gamers who might have liked Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The gameplay improvements were a welcome change and the new split screen is an essential new addition to Lego games. However, without the characters or story to hold it up, the game doesn't reach the height of its predecessors. The Lego series have been on a roll lately, I can't wait to see what they come up with next.
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Whatever its flaws, this game does a decent enough job of walking the line between sticking to the formula and mixing things up. The developers will need to refine some of the changes in future installments; in particular, the "where do I go now?" problem is serious, especially for very young children with short attention spans. Regardless, it's refreshing to see them try something new for a change, and given the constant stream of LEGO-themed games, the franchise has aged surprisingly well.
Vandal Online
Lego Indiana Jones 2 es una secuela competente, que mantiene el estilo original sin cambiar demasiado la fórmula, lo que asegura que gustará a los que disfrutaron con el primero, pero no sorprenderá a nadie. Las novedades incluídas son acertadas pero les falta "algo", especialmente en el caso de su editor de niveles y su carácter offline, y los ligeros cambios incluídos en el juego lo hacen algo diferente al primero, pero no necesariamente mejor. Aún así, los que esperen un juego como el original no se sentirán decepcionados. Pero la fórmula, definitivamente, necesita renovarse para volver a resultar tan fresca como en el primer Lego Star Wars.
With all the changes to the hubs and the way you have to purchase vehicles and other characters Traveller’s Tales has attempted to fix something that wasn’t broke to begin with. However once you couple the boss battle change with the great sound design of the game and Traveller’s Tale is able to resurrect the damage they did by changing the hub model from the way it was in all the previous LEGO games. Sound and graphics are always good in the LEGO games, while there not on the level of Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 they work for the target audience these games are designed for. If you have been a fan of the other games from Traveller’s Tales you should give this one a try, it is a part of my collection but you can also rent it to save some money. A note to buyers be aware that some instances of the game have been known to be glitchy it is not your system but the game itself at least the US version of the game.
Lego Indiana Jones 2 does a lot here to try and make it seem like a worthwhile purchase. Unfortunately, a number of important gameplay features just seem like they were changed for the sake of changing, and have come out worse than before. I certainly think that the Lego series gameplay was getting stale, but if this is an experiment to try and freshen things up, here's hoping the developers go in a different direction for whatever's next. If you haven't played the first Lego Indy, this may still be a worthwhile purchase, but even then it's hard to recommend when you can't simply play through all of the original film's levels. Give this one a rent and see how you like it.
Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues was always going to feel a bit desperate, making the most out of a small amount of new content, but Traveller's Tales has done a decent job. There's nothing repeated here from the previous game, but the versions of the original trilogy are confusing and the Crystal Skull will appeal mainly to younger gamers and not nostalgic old-timers. So while it's not quite up there with the best in the Lego series, The Adventure Continues is still a fun romp, especially if you plan to play with some younger family members.
LEGO Indiana Jones 2 zoekt een balans tussen de sterke elementen uit de voorgaande LEGO-games en de vernieuwende ideeën die het in dit spel introduceert. Toch weet de game het potentieel niet volledig waar te maken. De hubs bevatten teveel schoonheidsfoutjes om het geheel als een positieve toevoeging te bestempelen. De Lego Creator is echter wel een uitstekende nieuwe toevoeging. Met de Lego Creator kun je uren aan nieuwe speelmateriaal bouwen om jezelf en je vrienden mee zoet te houden. LEGO Indiana Jones 2 laat zien dat we nog lang niet van die kleine, gele mannetjes af zijn. En daar zijn we maar wat blij mee.
Spazio Games
Lego Indiana Jones 2: L’avventura Continua rappresenta un piccolo passo indietro per una serie che finora ha sempre divertito chi volesse un gioco leggero e divertente. Cercando di apportare le novità che da tempo i giocatori richiedono, gli sviluppatori hanno mancato il bersaglio proponendo delle variazioni che rendono più confusionario il modo di procedere tra un livello e l’altro ed eliminano i segreti da sempre presenti negli stage. Chiunque sia un appassionato della serie passerà comunque diverse ore in allegria, soprattutto se ha la possibilità di condividere l’esperienza con un amico. Chi invece ha sempre evitato la serie ritenendola poco attraente non cambierà certo idea. Se invece non avete mai provato lo stile di gioco ma siete attratti dall’idea, allora il nostro consiglio d’acquisto va al primo LEGO Indiana Jones, ispirato ai tre film più riusciti e dotato di una giocabilità globale nettamente superiore.
We raden je niet aan om deze game alleen te spelen, maar co-op kun je genoeg plezier beleven. Het avontuur gaat nog even door!
3D Juegos
Con algunos sorprendentes recortes y menor inspiración, ya tenemos entre nosotros las nuevas aventuras de Indy en versión piezas. Lego Indiana Jones 2, pese a todo, es un título ameno y agradable, muy divertido para los pequeños y nada vergonzante para los adultos.
Lego Indiana Jones 2 is probably the weakest of the series. It’s not a bad game, but more that the formula is getting a little old and if another title is due then some evolution is required. It’s only fair to point out that it is an animated toy that you are controlling and in that regard it does retain what made the previous instalments pleasing to experience. It may not be perfect, but fans of playing with digital Lego may get something from it.
Game Informer Magazine
If you’ve been waiting to explore these creative features, LEGO Indiana Jones 2 delivers in a big way. For other LEGO enthusiasts, keep collecting those studs in LEGO Star Wars or find that last unlockable LEGO Batman character. Indy’s newest adventure wasn’t built to last.
Lego Indiana Jones 2 apporte son lot de bonnes idées, à commencer par l'écran splitté qui permet enfin de jouer à deux dans des conditions décentes, ce qui est tout de même l'attrait principal du titre. Cette suite s'accompagne toutefois d'un remaniement de la progression qui ne convaincra pas tout le monde : plus hachée, plus décousue et moins cinématographique, elle donne parfois l'impression de s'adonner à un party-game. Malgré la disparition judicieuse des problèmes de jouabilité, nous vous conseillons donc de vous porter en priorité sur le premier opus. Si vous l'avez bouclé et adoré, Lego Indiana Jones 2 peut représenter un bon complément, même si son éditeur de niveaux est loin de représenter une authentique valeur ajoutée.
LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues does try to do a few new things, but Traveller's Tales messed with the wrong stuff and essentially broke a solid, if aging, formula. The lack of secrets in the main levels is a mistake, the new hub worlds are confusing and the level editor is just short of being pointless. If you haven't already played it, the original LEGO Indiana Jones is a much better purchase.