LittleBigPlanet Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Introducing the Sackboy. Aww, bless.
The opening stage shows you how to tart your Sackperson up
It's LittleBigPlanet! Starring YOU!
Collect prize bubbles like these to get new bits and bobs to use in the level creator
Stick stickers anywhere on the environment - sometimes they'll trigger or activate something!
When you reach the end of a level, your score will be shown, along with any prizes you've won
You can decorate anything you like, anytime, in any level!
Grab onto things and swing left and right with them.
Riding on a horse. Oh, the speed!
This water wheel contains loads of goodies
The jetpack lets you fly freely around certain parts of levels,
Watch out for these giant boots!
Some areas require two, three or four players to access!
Escape this spooky castle with the help of a skateboard
Taking a submarine into the next world
Ride on these giraffe necks to reach higher areas
Swing across the spikes with the monkey tails
Collecting multiple score bubbles will give you bonus multipliers, increasing your score further
Riding along the backs of the buffalo
Don't fall into the snapping crocs!
After you've been photographed somewhere, you can use that photo just like any other sticker!
Deep in a cavernous maze
This room is chock full of treasures!
Bring the meerkat back to his mother
Pulling the meerkat back through the underground disco
Walk through this skeleton's huge mouth
You can ride these balloons up into the sky!
Pull back this sponge and then let go to topple the bricks above
These skulls act as elevators
Lots of springy platforms which can be tricky to navigate