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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 may not be the best game on the market today but it is the best Marvel based game on the market. The loading times are a real buzz kill when you are trying to do basic team set-up options. With a set of characters like this though and a solid 20 to 30 hours of gameplay though this is a nice game to add to your collection.
PGNx Media (Sep 15, 2009)
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is certainly the most refined game in its series (including its prequel and the X-Men Legends game before it). The gameplay is as engaging as always, especially when playing with friends. The addition of fusion moves and Vicarious Visions’ efforts to make the game more accessible also result in a very fun game. If you didn’t see what all the fuzz was about before, this won’t change your mind but if you loved Ultimate Alliance, then you just found your next must-have.
GameZone (Sep 15, 2009)
This is, by no means, a perfect game, but it is a good one with lots to do, solid replayability and a nice foray into the Marvel universe.
Worth Playing (Oct 10, 2009)
If you enjoyed Ultimate Alliance, you'll surely enjoy the enhancements and new content of this sequel. If you never played the original and the particulars of this title likely suit your gaming tastes, especially if you have friends who'll play along through the missions, by all means strap on your alter ego and get to saving the world.
PSX Extreme (Sep 29, 2009)
All in all, if you're looking for a great action/RPG game, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is for you. This is a proper sequel that was certainly worth the three year wait. It's not mint-blowing, but at the same time it manages to capture everything that a videogame should be: fun. And it captures it well. Boasting a list of 24 characters, really cool Fusion abilities, solid action, improved visuals, and great multiplayer, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is a worthwhile addition to your library.
Gamervision (Sep 30, 2009)
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 may play pretty much the same as Marvel Ultimate Alliance, but it represents huge steps forward in presentation and technical fidelity. The minor gameplay changes add a couple of new features, but take away just as many, making them essentially a wash. It’s a shame that, in the three years they had to develop this game, Vicarious Visions didn’t add anything new to the formula except for Fusions. They do, however, deserve credit for improving on Raven Software’s already solid action-RPG formula, and for crafting a superhero story that superhero fans will care about.
Gamernode (Oct 04, 2009)
While Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 isn't a groundbreaking game and has its share of issues, it is still an incredibly fun game with plenty of replayability and co-op enjoyment. Anyone looking for some fun with friends or bashing baddies with your favorite Marvel heroes will definitely have a good time with this game.
GameDaily (Sep 14, 2009)
Even though Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 may seem like more of the same, dig a little deeper and you'll reap its rewards. A great storyline, satisfying beat-em-up action, nifty Fusion attacks and a cornucopia of familiar and new characters make this a very friendly Alliance.
Giant Bomb (Sep 18, 2009)
It's hard not to let the experience of the first MUA color the expectations for MUA2. By those standards, MUA2 isn't as exciting a game, largely due to the choices it makes with the fiction. On its own, though, this is still an enjoyable action RPG romp that makes good use of the Marvel Universe in its own way.
80 (Sep 25, 2009)
MUA fans may bemoan the lack of change, and they'd have a point. Bar the Fusion Powers there's little new going on here. But it's still a fun, albeit brainless romp that's sure to please Marvel fanboys. If you go in not expecting to play the game of the year then you're going to get a hell of a lot of fun out of MUA2.
IGN (Sep 15, 2009)
There's no denying that leveling up Iron Man, unlocking Deadpool, and getting Spidey's alternate outfit is fun, but we've done this so many times before. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 adds in Fusion powers, characters, and a bunch of boosts, but in the end it's not enough to keep this from feeling like extremely well-worn territory.
Game Chronicles (Sep 17, 2009)
Ultimate Alliance 2 starts off slow, which isn’t good since most people make their decision to finish a game within the first one or two hours. For me, the game didn’t really take off until the whole Pro-Reg, Anti-Reg debate kicked in, but even then I kept lapsing into these daydreaming ruts of gaming. It was really hard to focus on the story or any driving force behind all the mindless button mashing.
75 (Oct 02, 2009)
Schade, Vicarious Visions: Anstatt die Superhelden unsterblich zu machen und mit frischen Mechaniken zum Hack&Slay-Olymp zu führen, hat das Team sie in der Vergangenheit schwelgen lassen. Eine Vergangenheit, die zweifellos zu unterhalten versteht. Aber ebenso eine Vergangenheit, deren Faszination langsam, aber sicher nachlässt - auch wenn die Kulisse unter dem Strich einen gelungenen Hintergrund für die Prügeleien abliefert. Für die möglichen zukünftigen gemeinsamen Abenteuer von Captain America, Iron Man & Co sollten die spielmechanischen Weichen aber mehr auf Risiko gestellt werden, damit die Superhelden nicht den Anschluss verlieren.
GameSpot (Sep 15, 2009)
So while Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 may not take the series in a big and bold new direction, or benefit from the kind of refinement you would look for in a sequel, it does deliver the button-mashing, power-flinging, over-the-top action fans of the original would expect. And it's just good fun, even if you don't know Iron Man from Iron Fist.
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is still a very fun game to play whether in single mode, co-op, or online multiplayer mode, but it's the kind of game where it doesn't have much of a lasting appeal due to the game length and lack of challenge. It's definitely not worth a buy at full price but a great rental game or at a much cheaper price. You want to be able to have fun with the game but at the same time you want to feel like you got your money worth from the game. And this is where only you can decide on, how much you are willing to pay for an action rpg game that is 20 hours or so and a rehash of the previous game.
Digital Chumps (Oct 02, 2009)
Fortunately, taken as directed (meaning, with friends or online buddies), Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is still entertaining, if not a bit stale and wearing. It’s hardly an evolution overall, but then again, if you’re simply hurting for more MUA and you don’t mind the usual senseless repetition, that’s precisely what you will find.
70 (Sep 28, 2009)
L'idée d'adapter le cross-over Civil War dans le cadre d'un Ultimate Alliance semblait séduisante mais le résultat n'est finalement pas à la hauteur des attentes que le projet pouvait susciter chez les fans. On se retrouve donc avec un second épisode qui ressemble comme deux gouttes d'eau à son aîné et qui saura tout de même séduire les amateurs de Marvel les moins orthodoxes avides d'action et de bonus croustillants.
1UP (Sep 15, 2009)
But ultimately, even though a lot of things about MUA2 aggravate me, the moment-to-moment gameplay of superheroes beating the crap out of robots/mutants/soldiers with fists, mystical hammers, repulsor rays, giant tongues, and what-have-you feels solid and enjoyable.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Sep 23, 2009)
Beroende på om man väljer att vara för eller emot registreringskampanjen får man olika hjältar att spela med och olika bossar att möta, vilket även ger ett omspelningsvärde till det runt åtta timmar långa äventyret för att man ska kunna få spela som båda sidor. Dessutom är det roligt att samla på sig erfarenhetspoäng, låsa upp nya stridstekniker och utforska de nya Fusion-attackerna. Även om mycket i Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 känns som ett hastverk, är det fortfarande genuint kul att sätta sig med tre vänner i spelsoffan och dänga mutanter och mördarrobotar.