Mass Effect 2 Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Mass Effect 2 - Start screen
Mass Effect 2 - Main menu
Mass Effect 2 - PS3 version comes with a full manual stores on the disc
Mass Effect 2 - Loading screen
Mass Effect 2 - Joker reporting detection of an unknown vessel
Mass Effect 2 - Normandy is under attack
Mass Effect 2 - Normandy is attacked by the Collectors, it's time to abandon ship!
Mass Effect 2 - Seems my ship is way beyond repair
Mass Effect 2 - Main title
Mass Effect 2 - Generating your character
Mass Effect 2 - These mechs don't give up so easily
Mass Effect 2 - Mission computer lets you check out codex, map, journal, upgrade your character's skills and more
Mass Effect 2 - Blowing the door is a good way to create an exit and attract every enemy in the area
Mass Effect 2 - Your squad members will aid you in battle automatically or you can give them commands
Codex provides various info about the game universe
Mass Effect 2 - Blood Dragon Armor is included on the game disc
Mass Effect 2 - Each mission objective will play as an individual mission with its rewards and closure report
Mass Effect 2 - Use wheel menu to change weapons or use special abilities
Mass Effect 2 - Bypassing the circuits to unlock the safe
Mass Effect 2 - Running into Tali on one of your early missions
Mass Effect 2 - Hacking the enemy droids to turn them against them
Mass Effect 2 - You will run into some of your former team during your mission
Mass Effect 2 - Checking the email on your private terminal... note all of the DLC missions already included
Mass Effect 2 - Setting the infamous Jack free
Mass Effect 2 - EDI has gone through some serious upgrades
Mass Effect 2 - Mordin is a science expert, but also a deadly ally
Mass Effect 2 - Getting to know Jack a bit more
Mass Effect 2 - Ship's infirmary... you can heal your facial scars if you have enough material to invest
Mass Effect 2 - Traveling the galaxy and various solar systems
Mass Effect 2 - You can gather various material by launching probes on a potentially mineral-rich hotspots
Mass Effect 2 - Illusive Man... a friend or a foe, that is yet to be seen
Mass Effect 2 - Geth Primes have tougher armour to penetrate
Mass Effect 2 - Fighting the Geth, although they aren't the main focus of combat as in the original game
Mass Effect 2 - Finding out how Geth got active aboard one of the Quarians' vessels
Mass Effect 2 - Illium is a place where everything seems perfect... only on the surface
Mass Effect 2 - Using sniper against a distant enemies in the cover.
Mass Effect 2 - Nassana is a dangerous gang leader, but her days are numbered
Mass Effect 2 - Thane might be a good ally to try and recruit
Mass Effect 2 - On Tuchanka, the krogan homeworld
Mass Effect 2 - Meeting Wrex, an old party member from the original... that is, if you didn't kill him then
Mass Effect 2 - Dancing to draw attention
Mass Effect 2 - Morinth has finally revealed herself
Mass Effect 2 - Decisions have consequences, so always choose wisely
Mass Effect 2 - You can be gentle, or you can cut to the point
Mass Effect 2 - Miranda is bitchy as always and never stops to complain
Mass Effect 2 - With Samara you can only be friend... a close friend
Mass Effect 2 - One of the many possible romance options, this one is with Tali'Zorah vas Normandy
Mass Effect 2 - Full team assembled and loyal
Mass Effect 2 - Boldly go where noone has gone before
Mass Effect 2 - Final battle is at hand
Mass Effect: Genesis - Main title
Mass Effect: Genesis - And interactive comic tells the story of the original Mass Effect game.
Mass Effect: Genesis - Events that happened to Ashley, one of your squad members
Mass Effect: Genesis - The Citadel council did not believe your words about the threat to all species
Mass Effect: Genesis - Your key team members from Mass Effect
Mass Effect: Genesis - Liara helped you with your visions
Mass Effect: Genesis - The comic lets you select certain events you might've set in motion while playing original Mass Effect.
Mass Effect: Genesis - Whatever happened to the Rachni queen
Kasumi: Stolen Memory - Kasumi's quarters on Normandy
Kasumi: Stolen Memory - Mission location on a map
Kasumi: Stolen Memory - On a mission for Kasumi, a thief who joined your ranks
Kasumi: Stolen Memory - Even DLC are full of details... locations, backgrounds, even pigeons
Kasumi: Stolen Memory - Deja vu
Kasumi: Stolen Memory - If you're not a fan of subtlety, you can try to fight your way in
Kasumi: Stolen Memory - Kasumi on a mission to help you save Tali's people from the Geth
Kasumi: Stolen Memory - Kasumi, up close
Normandy Crash Site - Remains of old Normandy ship
Normandy Crash Site - Located the ship
Normandy Crash Site - Exploring the old Normandy crash site, a quiet mission
Lair of the Shadow Broker - Arriving at the crime scene
Lair of the Shadow Broker - On the ship of a Shadow Broker... time to find out just who is hiding behind that name
Lair of the Shadow Broker - Liara, joking what she could do with the power of a Shadow Broker
Lair of the Shadow Broker - Could Liara and Shepard continue where they left off?
Lair of the Shadow Broker - Continuing your romance with Liara is available in Shadow Broker bonus mission
Lair of the Shadow Broker - Liara is afraid to go through the pain of losing you again
Firewalker Pack - Hammerhead is a new type of transport you will use instead of your shuttle on certain missions.
Overlord - Moving through the derelict ship
Overlord - On a mission to find out the secret behind the Overlord
Overlord - Hologram recordings of past events
Overlord - Fighting the Geth

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