Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Opening title/menu
Main menu
Installation is required for every chapter you play.
David Hayter in the what-the-heck kind of prologue.
After the accelerated aging process Snake seem unwilling to show his face until forced to.
More detailed inventory menu.
Gekko's weak points are those which are biological, not mechanical.
Now older Snake, but not by time itself.
From time to time game lets you see flashback from previous MGS titles if you press the right button when presented.
A chopper landing at the cemetery due to a dire need of Snake's assistance.
Once again joining forces with an old friend.
It is better to lean against the wall to avoid surprises that may lurk around the corner.
These two soldiers are unaware of Snake's presence.
You can't go all frontal against a heavy armour.
Enemy reinforcements.
Engaging in combat is an alternative to a stealth approach.
With 3rd-person perspective aiming 1st-person one is unnecessary but still available.
Now that Snake's holding him at a knife point, fellow soldier will be reluctant to fire, if only for a short time.
Nobody can beat Snake at CQC (Close Quarter Combat), except maybe Liquid.
Always count your bullets so reloading wouldn't happen at the bad time.
Snake is, as ever, a master of disguise.
If you don't mind the stench, you can hide in a trash container.
Surprise attack from the shadowy corner.
Playing dead and blending with an environment will render you almost invisible.
If you're on the enemy's walking line, no camouflage will save you from getting detected.