Mirror's Edge Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Title screen
Main menu
Chapter selection.
Loading animation.
Early in the morning isn't so crowded, especially on the rooftops.
You can climb on almost anything a non-spiderman could climb onto.
Timing on catching and climbing means everything.
Jumping over the high-voltage electric fence.
The red highlighted objects emphasize your path.
On occasion, you'll slip inside the buildings as well.
Jumping and breaking the glass on the landing.
Security is on high alert whenever you're jumping around.
Exiting the truck... this garage seems full of enemy presence.
Pow, right in the face.
When enemy weapon is highlighted red, you can take it from the enemy if quick enough or if you use slow-motion mode.
These boxes provide nice viewpoint on both sides so you know where to run.
If you're not stealthy you easily get outnumbered.
Mission objectives.