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MLB 08: The Show (PlayStation 3)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

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Category Description MobyScore
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 4.0
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 4.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Overall MobyScore (1 vote) 4.0

The Press Says

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Playstation Illustrated
MLB 08: The Show doesn't improve on all of MLB 07's shortcomings, but it does more than enough to make up for it. MLB 08: The Show plays just as good as it looks and should find its way into every baseball fan's collection, even if you have to buy a PS3 to play it.
Gamer 2.0
When it all comes down to it, MLB 08: The Show is just an amazing game of baseball in an era where a lack of competition tends to hurt the games that sports developers put out. Making up for last year’s late-to-the-party lackluster PS3 version, it’s now apparent that anybody with a PS3, PS2, or PSP has no reason at all to buy anything but Sony’s game this year. With a dearth of features and tweaks that make this experience the best out there, gamers will have plenty to do before and after the first pitch of the season.
The Video Game Critic
The Show plays a great game, but I did notice a few minor glitches during rare plays (like passed ball third strikes). The poorly written manual (which is mostly credits) makes no attempt to explain the myriad of options, and doesn't even explain the basic controls. The Show's initial load times are very long, but once you get going it's smooth sailing. Whether you're looking for a deep simulation or a quick contest against a friend, The Show has all of its bases covered.
Game Shark
If the online play gets up and running, there’s no doubt that the game should be rated an ‘A’. You could even make a case for it as a system seller for any baseball fan—MLB The Show is just that good.
PSX Extreme
While a .4 score difference between MLB 07 and MLB 08 may seem incremental, don't let it fool you. As a first generation PlayStation 3 game, MLB 07 deserved its score. Otherwise, in retrospect, with MLB 08 in the picture, MLB 07 falls below the eight mark, and thus MLB 08's score. Make no mistakes about it, this is a game that not only looks different than its predecessor, but also boasts a host of improvements, enhancements, and a slew of never ending features. Bottom line, right now, MLB 08: The Show is about as close to baseball perfection as you're going to get. All developers should take note: *this* is how you do a year sports game follow up.
After playing the lackluster MLB 2K8, I was ready for a competent videogame incarnation of America's pastime. Luckily, MLB The Show 08 provided me with virtually everything I could have ever wanted out of a baseball game (despite the fact that Kauffman Stadium isn't updated with the 2008 renovations). You'll immediately be blown away by the visuals and various animations, and at times it almost looks like you're playing an interactive version of an actual MLB game.
Gaming Age
What more can I say that hasn't been said already. MLB 08: The Show raises the bar once again and delivers the most complete baseball experience money can buy. What's more it can make dreams come true as you can live a fantasy of having the Royals win the World Series, if you are so determined. There is only one baseball game to own this year and it is on the Sony consoles, so if you own a 360, it may be time to go out and purchase a PlayStation 3 if only to play the best baseball has to offer. Not only is the Show worth 60 dollars, but without a PS3, it may be worth $460... but that's just me. I for one can't settle for mediocrity, I have to have the best when it comes to baseball, and MLB 08: The Show is simply the best.
PGNx Media
MLB 08: The Show easily wins the “most improved” award but it may very well be the best PS3 baseball game. It plays well, looks amazing, and really showcases the power of the PS3.
There’s no Home-Run Derby mode, season and franchise modes are limited to 2 players, and there’s occasional minor issues with players clipping through each other. Other than that, though, this game is exactly what hardcore and casual baseball fans are looking for. It’s always nice when you have to search for a reason not to give a game a 10, and this is one of those happy occasions. Highly recommended for anyone even remotely interested in the sport, sports games in general, or even games in general. It’s that good.
Da Gameboyz
MLB 08: The Show for the PS3 is arguably the best baseball game I have played in this next-generation era of gaming. The graphics are stunning featuring all the beauty of the MLB sport in High Definition glory. The sound is equally solid and the game plays very well. If you are a baseball fan and own a PS3, what are you waiting for? Run down and buy this game as soon as you can.
Still, despite the few nuances here and there, MLB 08: The Show is the best baseball game on the market. Baseball fans and non-fans will enjoy it, and for the first time since NFL 2k we have a sports game that's a must-get for any owner of the console it's on.
So, what can The Show take home with its victory and think about for next season? Well, it won more because it performed all the basics better, rather than dominating, and it is starting to show its age in many key areas. The Show has gone about as far as buttons are going to allow it to go, and with another year of experience under their belts, 2K Games' analog controls should be even sharper for the 2K9 edition. The Road to the Show and Scout are only getting better each season though, so if the gameplay can keep up with the strides the modes have taken, 2K Games are going to have to really step it up to avoid their career following that of Nomar Garciaparra's - one dangerously swift decline.
Operation Sports
I don't think I'm alone when I say that barring a few examples, sports titles for the latest crop of consoles haven't exactly blown our socks off. It always seems as if there's some glaring problem that holds a game back. We've rarely experienced a complete title that makes us appreciate the new technology we've invested so much into. That is, until MLB 08: The Show for the PS3 hit store shelves this month.
Little nitpicks, such as players' scary eyes, the aforementioned clipping issues and some animation hiccups keep the game from scoring a 10, but none of those problems hurt MLB 08's chances of being 2008's greatest baseball game. Sony did a magnificent job creating a user-friendly sports experience, so take the mound and pitch that no-hitter. A World Series championship awaits.
Games Radar
It’s not often that competing sports franchises do an about-face from one year to the other, but this season it’s clear that The Show has surged past MLB 2K8 in almost every aspect. Other than playing it safe by leaving the controls the same as always (2K gets kudos for introducing all-new pitching and throwing mechanics), The Show blows the doors off of the competition. It’s still good to be a baseball fan after all.
The Next Level
At the end of the day, MLB 08 The Show is the only baseball game you need right now. It's a near-perfect baseball package, sporting a barrel full of improvements from last season, gorgeous animations, solid online support, and the most compelling single-player mode you could ever ask for. There's no doubt that you could happily play The Show all year long and beyond without losing interest - there's just that much to do. Run, don't walk, to put The Show in your starting rotation.
Cheat Code Central
Bottom-line: As far as I'm concerned, Sony has made the best baseball game ever. Last year's version seemed tough to beat, but after playing all three versions I can safely say that MLB 08: The Show rocks. Is this a must-buy game for everyone? Definitely not. However, if you're looking for an authentic simulation of the national pastime, then look no further. No other franchise can match MLB 08: The Show. It's too bad it's only made for Sony products because the attention to detail and incredibly realistic gameplay to be found in the title, combined with some great new features make this the baseball game of the year.
Worth Playing
It is quite obvious that Sony took all the criticism leveled at last year's game and used it to craft MLB 08: The Show, an extremely fun and addicting title. Nearly all of the bugs have been fixed, with only the occasional AI problem, poor base running, and cumbersome career progression besmirching an otherwise incredible game. During the next seventh inning stretch, run out and pick this one up; you won't regret it.
Last year, PS3 owners were let down by strange AI problems, weak visuals and game features that just didn't deliver what they promised. That's not the case this time – MLB '08 delivers on every gameplay front. The on-field play is excellently done, the stat tracking is immense, and Road to the Show is one of the best career modes around. Visually striking, this is the baseball game that baseball fans have been waiting for on the PS3.
Instead of adding new content or reinventing the wheel, the developers at SCEA San Diego refined things they were already doing right, and in the process made a great game even better. Hitting, pitching, and fielding all look and feel fantastic. There's no shortage of ways to stay busy, whether you want to run a whole team, follow the career of a single player, or manage a game from the dugout. It's a shame that, even after another year in development, Road to the Show isn't quite as refined as the game's other aspects, but it's still an interesting mode that generally manages to be enjoyable in spite of its flaws. If you're looking for a great baseball game that covers all the bases, look no further than MLB 08: The Show.
Game Informer Magazine
When it comes down to gameplay and multiplayer sessions, however, I have to lean toward MLB 2K8, simply because it's a greater test of player skill. The Show is a better balanced game that is easier to pick up and play, but it's running on old fumes and it doesn't quite have that next-gen bite to it yet. Regardless of what route you take, this is a hell of a year for baseball fans. Both games offer something different and both are fantastic.
Is MLB08: The Show the best baseball game experience, deserving of a perfect score, which would be a no. Is it a solid gaming experience that's enjoyable by all whom like baseball and far superior to its competition... that would be a yes? SCEA San Diego took extra time to address several issues from last year's installment making the overall experience more enjoyable, but the game still suffered from a few flaws within the gameplay mechanics and visuals. Those gamers looking for a featured-filled baseball experience, with a solid audio score and high def visuals, look no further than Sony's MLB08: The Show.
Game Informer Magazine
Hardball enthusiasts have two good options this year, but Sony's sophomore effort on the PS3 plays Chase Utley to 2K's Brian Roberts for 2008.
Extreme Gamer
Each baseball season two choices always come up, and it's likely if you are a fan of either you are going to pick up that brand. Between the two big hitters, 2K Sports and Sony, The Show comes out ahead with a few extra bases this year, but again it’s my brand. If you haven’t tried MLB on the PS3, the '08 version of The Show is the best game of the series, following with the little guy, the portable version which offers a second to none handheld experience. It seems Sony is continuing to improve on the series with baby steps which is better than slamming production in reverse. Once the PS2 retires its bat, I think we’re going to see the proper jump in evolution some gamers are expecting on the PS3. Bottom line, MLB 08 The Show is a great game and worth the yearly upgrade.
Game Chronicles
It seems like Sony paid too much attention to detail in the small areas and forgot why a lot of people buy baseball games: home run derby and other mini-games. If you are a true die hard baseball fan or player this game will not let you down in any way. If you aren’t, well then I would have to say look somewhere else for your next baseball game.
Armchair Empire, The
I will admit to being at a disadvantage of not knowing a whole lot about Major League Baseball in general – I’m really good at performing batter and pitching analysis – but I still know a good game when I see it.
On the PS3, Sony's baseball franchise has mimicked the career of this year's cover boy, Ryan Howard. Last year's debut effort was clearly the Rookie of the Year for PS3 ball games and MLB 08: The Show -- the game's sophomore effort -- has MVP written all over it. Some new additions to the pitcher-batter match-up deepen the gameplay and the ability to save the action mid-game is a huge plus. The folks at 2K did a lot to bring their MLB game back into contention, but it isn't enough to take the crown from The Show.
What it basically boils down to is this – baseball may seem simple, but it can be a nightmare to render out with all its nuances. The team at SCEA did a very good job in creating a challenging and compelling game. Sure, there are a few errors and while they may detract from the immersion, they really don’t spoil the enjoyment. Try coming into the game as a pinch hitter in the 9th, trailing by a run, with the bases juiced and two out, and sending a bomb over the left-centerfield wall for a game-winning grand slam. The feeling that runs through you, and the grin on your face, should tell you just what a joy this game can be. And that’s what MLB ’08 brings to the table, more grins and just a few grimaces.
Maxim Magazine
Spring is in the air, which means in only a few short weeks, we'll get the chance to spend $9 on a plastic cup of suds, get a cancer-inducing sunburn on our bald spots, and pee in a trough between innings, all in the name of watching 18 ridiculously wealthy men jacked up on H.G.H. play a kids' game. Yes, it's baseball season, which means it's time for fans to report to the nearest game store to pick up this year's hardball offerings.
MLB 08 is the best edition of a baseball game to come across the home console plate in recent memory. Seemingly small features and upgrades have made a big impact on the final product and if you have any inkling to play a baseball game this year, it should be MLB 08. Not only are the visuals this year leaps and bounds beyond the previous version, the game as a whole has received more attention in terms of production and quality.
Game Revolution
So, I'm still left to dream of the day when there's a perfect marriage of an arcade-style console game and a realistic simulator, but MLB: The Show will do for now. Despite my pet peeves, there's a lot of fun to be had. Whether you enjoy playing actual games, managing a franchise, or playing an individual shooting for stardom, it's here. Now, could someone please explain to these game developers that steroids were actually bad for the game... please?
Gaming Nexus
MLB 08 The Show, while still exhibiting some annoying bugs, is still a solid baseball game. Great animation, good graphics, and solid game play highlight a good overall baseball package. The Road to the Show is always fun and a great way to play a lot of games without it being too long as well as offer a somewhat RPG element to the game. I enjoy firing up for a few games of Road to the Show and working towards getting him into the major leagues. When you are done playing by yourself, you can always hop online to challenge others. Overall, I really like the improvements done to MLB 08 The Show and hope to see more come in future installments.
Digital Chumps
I'm stilling playing through a partial season of MLB 08 The Show, and it's been fun overall. Part of my difficulty with this game is just in not being very familiar with the sport or other baseball titles, but The Show has given me the best opportunity I could ask for to get into the sport, and the baseball game genre. Oh, one huge feature I don't want to forget to mention that I would love to see in other sports games (like the NBA 2K series, my favorite) is the ability to save at anytime. More games in general need this feature, but I think it's especially neat to see in a sports title. Anyway, if you are looking to get into a baseball game for the first time, or are looking for a deep, stats and feature packed title for your PS3 or PSP, look no further than MLB 08 The Show.
USA Today
Unfortunately, it remains short on ambience. Stadiums replicate their real-life counterparts well, but the environments feel more like secondary backdrops than a part of the experience.
That's enough baseball to keep even the most dedicated fan busy all summer. Even for that person, it might take a good part of the summer just to come to grips with playing the game, but that could lead to as much challenge as frustration. With some balance and refinement next year, The Show ought to be able to come back with something special. For this season, consider it the way you would a September game with your team already eliminated from the chase: If you're the type that wants to check out the young prospects called up, you'll probably be right at home. If you've already been watching preseason football for a few weeks and are enjoying the first NFL games, it might not be your ticket.