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NBA 2K10 (PlayStation 3)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Category Description MobyScore
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 5.0
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 5.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 5.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 5.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 5.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 5.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 5.0
Overall MobyScore (1 vote) 5.0

The Press Says

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Another year, another solid effort from 2K Sports. NBA 2K10 maintains its dominance of basketball video games once again, and the developers are clearly not resting on their laurels. While there haven’t been a great deal of changes to the core of the game, there are certainly enough tweaks and improvements to show that 2K is listening to the fans, and is working to make the NBA 2K the best it can be. Live is slowly creeping up on the franchise though, and like the great Lakers/Celtic rivalry of the 80s, the next few years should provide some great basketball games for fans. For now, 2K10 is still the best around, and clearly won’t go down without a fight.
3D Juegos
NBA 2K10 ofrece suficientes innovaciones donde importa, en el campo de juego, como para volver a hacer recomendable su compra para los fans del baloncesto. Gran apartado gráfico, estupenda jugabilidad y una esperanza de vida dentro del lector de nuestra consola auténticamente abrumadora.
Spazio Games
NBA 2k10 si conferma nuovamente il metro di paragone per le simulazioni cestistiche. Anche quest’anno presenta infatti un gameplay solido, profondo, ma che cerca persino di rendere l’esperienza più accessibile per i neofiti, facilitando loro la comprensione degli schemi, oltre che semplificando il layout dei comandi e dei menù. L’evoluzione tecnica rispetto allo scorso anno è immediatamente visibile, ma ancora si fanno notare alcuni glich che rovinano l’impatto quasi foto realistico del prodotto. Con un NBA Live tornato competitivo i Visual Concepts dovranno cercare di limare ulteriormente quello che per molti è ancora IL basket su console, se vorranno mantenere ancora a lungo la leadership.
NBA 2K10 zit prima in elkaar, maar qua gameplay lijkt het wel erg op NBA 2K9. De grootste veranderingen die wij bespeuren is het publiek, dat er nu levensecht uitziet. Ook de bekendste NBA spelers lijken sprekend op hun echte gedaantes en qua entertainment gehalte haalt de game het hoge niveau van de werkelijkheid. Het grootste minpunt is echter het irritante menu, zoals die ook in NHL 2K10 gebruikt wordt en ook in NBA 2K10 snap ik de keuze voor zo’n menu niet. Dat mogen ze dan weer het volgend jaar gaan veranderen en hopelijk komt er wat meer vernieuwing in de game en zeker op het gebied van gameplay. Alles bij elkaar genomen is NBA 2K10 een grafische update van NBA 2K9, die nog wel heel goed is uitgewerkt.
Vandal Online
En conclusión, NBA 2K10 cumple diez años con una entrega tan completa como siempre, con mejoras que le hacen subir el listón un poco más. Todavía no es el juego perfecto, pero los cambios en la jugabilidad de este año han sido acertados, aunque no revolucionarios, y el nuevo modo de juego MyPlayer es una adición agradecida considerando que cada vez estamos más acostumbrados a ver opciones similares en otros títulos deportivos. Los fans de las series NBA 2K no se sentirán defraudados, ni tampoco los que se motiven a comprar un juego de baloncesto al ver a Kobe en portada.
Cheat Code Central
NBA 2K10 is a fantastic, fun, and deep representation of the NBA experience. While it may be too much for a very casual basketball fan looking for an arcade experience and instant gratification, 2K10 will certainly appeal to longtime fans. Game modes like the dunk contest, 3 point shootout, 21, and pickup games give a nice variety while Association Mode and My Player Mode give plenty of reasons to keep coming back. I hate to leave you with such a tired cliché, but 2K Sports' NBA 2K10 is a slam dunk.
Middle East Gamers (MEgamers)
NBA 2K10 is the best basketball game this year. It is fair to say though that the difference is smaller then ever. Nearly every other game in the series blew out NBA Live each and every year. But this year the difference is small and the two games are actually comparable in many aspects. 2K10 would be miles ahead if it wasn’t for the horrible slowdowns at times and repetitive My Player mode. Overall though, this is still a very good basketball game. And remember that even though Live can improve next year, NBA 2K can improve some as well.
NBA 2K10 est une simulation qui plaira sans aucune difficulté aux connaisseurs de la NBA et du basket en général. Si ce cru se contente de petites corrections et d'ajustements dans le gameplay, il introduit de nouveaux modes de jeu qui font mouche, à la fois hors ligne et en ligne. S'il faut donc opter pour un jeu réaliste, exigeant mais incroyablement grisant, c'est bien celui-ci.
Overall, 2K10 retains its crown as the best pro basketball game on the market, albeit just barely. With Live making some real strides this year, and the potential for Sony's first party NBA offering to hit the market again next year 2K is going to have to make some improvements to maintain that reputation in the future. Despite nagging technical issues that hold the game back, the great presentation and solid gameplay mean that pro hoops fans should definitely take 2K10 for a spin.
La temporada se presenta muy interesante. Cada competidor tiene sus armas. 2K ha demostrado una vez más estar un paso por delante de la edición de Electronic Arts tanto a nivel jugable como gráfico, donde NBA 2K10 se alza claramente con la victoria gracias a un motor que se sitúa entre los cinco mejores juegos deportivos de la nueva generación pese a las toscas animaciones que se presentan cuando no hay balón por delante. Está cerca mejorar definitivamente el producto, lograr ese salto cualitativo que justifique la excelencia. Si lo que buscamos en una conclusión son respuestas a las preguntas formuladas al comienzo del texto, lo más justo sería apostar por disfrutar de esta edición desde cero, saboreando cada uno de sus aspectos, teniendo siempre en cuenta que el cambio no es tan pronunciado como imaginábamos en un principio. Aún así vale lo que cuesta. Y sobra.
With solid, fast paced gameplay and an excellent presentation that's easily the best the series has ever had, NBA 2K10 continues its strong pedigree of great basketball. While the presentation holds down the fort, the inclusion of the NBA Today and My Player modes, as well as the addition of the developmental leagues make an already good title even better. While the technical issues, such as the slowdown and the legacy problems with the AI and shooting are dismaying, they don't completely destroy the on-court experience, which is still strong enough to allow 2K to hold the basketball crown for yet another year.
Digital Chumps
I think 2K manages to keep the title of best NBA game again this year, but not by nearly as wide a margin as the last few years. 2K10 makes some great strides in presentation this year with fewer changes in gameplay. I'm hoping for 2K11 the team focuses more on continually refining the core game, because while it's sharp, it isn't without its holes or flaws.
Game Over Online
NBA 2K10 is a great game—don’t get me wrong. I can easily recommend it to any fan of the virtual hardwood—especially if 2K Sports can fix the online issues with a coming patch. Ultimately, the frame rate and online issues transform what could have been an incredible game into a very good game.
Game Informer Magazine
My Player mode’s uphill struggle may not appeal to everyone, but the outstanding presentation and best-in-class Association mode make NBA 2K10 the best basketball sim.
NBA 2K10 is een ijzersterk basketbalspel waar de liefhebbers van de sport veel plezier van zullen hebben. Het oog voor detail en de typische sfeer in het spel worden perfect weergegeven. Grafisch is het weliswaar prachtig, maar dat valt helaas ook te merken aan de framerate, die soms inzakt. Desalniettemin is NBA 2K10 de beste basketbalgame van dit najaar.
Worth Playing
While I've been hard on the game, it's important to note that NBA 2K10 is still, at its core, a highly enjoyable game and one with very solid fundamental mechanics. Playing games is a blast, and wonderful presentation does a lot to smooth out any rough patches the game may have. Furthermore, in spite of its flaws, the My Player mode is highly addictive, and there's nearly no better feeling than having a great game and then heading off to spend the cornucopia of earned points to inch your player that much closer to domination. There's still plenty of room for improvement for next year's game, but this year's edition isn't bad at all. While NBA 2K10 may not be quite in the title picture, it's definitely ready to jockey for a playoff spot.
PSX Extreme
I know I’m in the minority here, but I’m also not in the business of simply siding with other critics ‘cuz it follows the norm. Never been into “following.” And in my opinion, while I believe fans of the sport can have plenty of fun with both titles in question, I think EA has a slightly better production. It’s just less frustrating and in the end, feels a bit more complete the whole way around. That being said, I once again admit to a whole lot of personal preference coming into play due to the inherent quality similarities. This one looks a little better, the commentary is definitely better, the online and multiplayer (in my experience) was a bit more fun, the movement physics are more authentic, and the many features and options are on par with Live. But the occasionally iffy control, very questionable AI, and significant balance issues makes me give the nod to EA.
Al met al is NBA 2K10 gewoon weer een goede titel geworden. Hoewel de puntjes op de i ontbreken en hier en daar de game voor frustaties zorgt, zijn er leuke vernieuwingen aan te treffen in de game. De My Player modus is de grootste vernieuwing en absoluut het proberen waard. Basketballiefhebbers mogen dan ook dribbelend naar de winkel om deze game scoren.
An das Projekt „NBA2k10“ wurde sicher mit bestem Wissen und Gewissen herangegangen, aber das Ergebnis dieser Arbeit ist eher durchwachsen. In Europa dürfte dieses Spiel wohl keine Preise gewinnen, zu fixiert ist der gesamte Blickwinkel. Für Casual Gamer bedeutet die umfangreiche Steuerung nur Stress und auch der geneigte „Ich spiele Games durch!“-Typ wird so seine Probleme finden, wenn er mangels Motivation oder gar aus Desinteresse das fünfzehnte Spiel lieber bleiben lässt. Für NBA-Fans und Basketball-Veteranen wird aber alles geboten – dafür wurde das Spiel gemacht!
2009's crop of NBA video games offers substantial diversity, and NBA 2K10 is a very different experience from NBA Live 10. The emphasis is placed firmly on speed and explosiveness, creating an upbeat tempo that is fast and exciting. Strategy is less important because of the juiced-up action, though, so more thoughtful players should turn to NBA Live 10 for their basketball fix. However, if you love hanging around the hoop, NBA 2K10 is a lot of fun. Despite a few bugs and grading inconsistencies, it's easy to get lost in the in-depth My Player mode or to have an exciting online game with a group of lane-driving buddies.
Although 2K10's many nagging flaws prevent the game from achieving greatness, they don't keep it from being fun -- especially if you're going to spend most of your time in the excellent My Player mode. I really loved the feature and became completely invested in making the virtual Aaron Thomas a great baller. But as much as I love the mode, I know I won't enjoy it as much or as long as I would if the game weren't riddled with technical problems.