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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
The story unfolds through four episodes.
Episode opening, introducing the main cast.
Gibbs is coming with a new case.
Arriving at the scene of the crime.
DiNozzo is collecting evidence from the crime scene.
When you're stuck, check the list of objectives and see what's still missing.
You will mostly use camera to collect evidence by focusing and taking picture of it.
Taking the picture of a victim.
Helping Ducky move the body, the gameplay will vary if you use Move Controller or a Gamepad.
This bullet hole is a bit too high, need to use the chair to get the better picture.
Sometimes you will have to call your partner to help you move something.
Inventory of collected evidence.
After setting up the lasers to project trajectory beams things are starting to look suspicious.
During questioning, you have to be faster than the timer if you think the person may be hiding something or not telling you everything.
McGee won't go out much, but will help you when it's time to hack and retrieve classified information.
One of the hacking mini-games.
Select the matching symbols before the time runs out.
Tony wants to employ Abby's forensics skills to find out who send Ziva the flowers.
Trying to match the shoe print.
Lifting fingerprints.
Fingerprint comparison.
When evidence lead to a bigger picture, Gibbs will call his team members to deduction board.
Connecting evidence on the deduction board.
McGee is tracking the suspect and helping the local authorities catch the fleeing vehicle.
During interrogation, when you accuse someone of lying, you have to back it up with the evidence.
We've got a situation at the local bank, and two of our team members are trapped inside with the other hostages.
Some objects you can move in multiple directions, but only one way will be of use to you.
Looks like the robbers escaped this way.
Comparing tire tracks may help us find the vehicle model.
Matching bullets.
Tony is back on the scene... seems we missed something the first time.
Identifying the chemical product.
This explosion might have been the attempt to cover the tracks, or is there another reason behind it.
Episode introduction and other cinematics are done using animating still images.
Tony doesn't seem to be able to keep up with the boss.
Looking for signs of a foul play or a cover-up.
Cracking the safe, seems that anyone can do it.
Time to find out what events have transpired in this hotel room.
Main title from the opening movie
A scene from the actual TV series opening
Tony is a regular multitasker
Getting a bullet out of the wall
Abby bringing Gibbs up to speed with the recent findings
Gibbs is questioning a suspect
Abby and McGee were at the wrong place at the wrong time
Searching for clues at the bank
Ziva is interested in that camera over there
The bullet hit a balcony fence