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Never Dead might be a scrappy mess in places – it’s blighted by severe screen-tearing and dialogue so bad it makes the original Resi look like Citizen Kane. Yet it’s a game about throwing a man around who’s usually missing 75% of his torso, meaning it’s impossible to be too scathing of its faults.
65 (Feb 08, 2012)
NeverDead est un jeu bourré de bonnes idées qui auraient pu s'avérer particulièrement plaisantes. Il se prend malheureusement les pieds dans le tapis et se trouve plombé par son gameplay maladroit. On se retrouve donc devant un jeu d'action qui a le mérite d'innover mais dont le principe finit par s'essouffler.
Gamegravy (Aug 28, 2012)
Okay, so about that major problem with Neverdead. Well, here it is: Neverdead is not Devil May Cry. And that’s its biggest problem. I went into the game expecting lightning fast sword fights mixed with auto-targeting firearms ala Dante, and instead I got imprecise aiming shoot-outs with underpowered guns and choppy swordplay, since swinging your sword requires you to put your guns away, hold the left trigger to ready your sword, and swing it with the right analog stick. Although it is satisfying to see your enemies being sliced into whichever half you were aiming for and if the developers would have made the guns as equally powerful I’d recommend this game more. So at the end of the day, you’re left disappointed by the unlikable characters, weak firearms, iffy targeting, and sometimes downright frustrating combat. Action fans that are interested should give it a rental first, the rest of them should go pre-order the next Devil May Cry.
60 (Feb 02, 2012)
Was Rebellion und Konamis Shinta Nojiri sich haben einfallen lassen, klingt konzeptionell richtig gut: Das Prinzip des untoten Dämonenjägers ist zwar nicht neu, doch die buchstäbliche Unsterblichkeit exzessiv auszureizen, indem man seine abtrennbaren Körperteile bei Rätseln gezielt einsetzen kann, um in neue Bereiche vorzustoßen, ist bemerkenswert. Aber in der Umsetzung wirkt vieles ebenso zusammengestückelt wie der Held: Die Kamera z.B. wird in den hektischen und trotz aller Ansätze letztlich weitgehend gewöhnlichen Gefechten immer wieder zum Stolperstein. Die skurrile Charakterzeichnung schafft im Gegensatz zu Bayonetta leider nicht den Spagat zwischen Komik, Selbstironie und Coolness, so dass die Dialoge gezwungen witzig klingen. Und die sich anbietenden Rätsel werden nur sporadisch eingestreut. Zur Ehrenrettung muss ich allerdings sagen, dass sie dann durchweg gelungen sind. So wandelt Bryce stets mit einem seiner ausreißbaren Beine an der Grenze zur Belanglosigkeit.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Feb 29, 2012)
Lastige besturing, frustrerende gevechten en andere ergernissen maken van NeverDead een misser, ondanks het feit dat er wel enkele originele ideeën te vinden zijn.
PSX Extreme (Feb 12, 2012)
NeverDead rocks with the music and the visuals can be a treat but beyond that, it’s not much fun. There are just too many problems that hinder one’s enjoyment, and those problems are critical because they translate to faultless deaths. I have to give credit where credit’s due, which is why I’ve applauded some of the technical aspects, but without reliable, entertaining gameplay, what do you really have?
G4 TV: X-Play (Feb 02, 2012)
Aside from the premise and dialogue, NeverDead does little else right. The controls feel underdone and glitchy, the graphics are lackluster, and the combat and level design for most of the game are just underwhelming. 
IGN (Jan 31, 2012)
NeverDead sways between boring, frustrating and painful. It serves to remind us why fun-to-play heroes in video games keep their head and limbs intact. It is the video game equivalent of those trashy drug store action movies starring nobody actors, the five dollar sort that you only buy to give away as gag gifts. Do not be fooled: NeverDead represents the bottom of the barrel in video gaming. Do not buy it.
1UP (Jan 31, 2012)
NeverDead robbed me of time that could've been spent volunteering at an animal shelter, or staring at my bedroom ceiling for the better part of an afternoon. While the game oscillates between quiet moments of benign banality and maliciously amateur stretches of sensory-overload, it's undeniable that NeverDead is a tumor from the moment you insert it into your console.