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IGN Australia
NHL 2K9 does some good things. The controls have been fixed, it's fun, and there are some nice touches to the presentation. But the AI is very suspect and the emphasis on fun hurts the authenticity, which was once 2K's biggest selling point. Certainly there are merits to purchasing NHL 2K9, but there's no question it is inferior to its rival this year. If you prefer your hockey more streamlined and don't want to be forced to play a slower, more truer form of the sport, then this is certainly worth picking up.
Although we prefer NHL 09, NHL 2K9 is a great runner-up, thanks to its mostly enjoyable gameplay, its stacked extras and its rock-solid presentation. For next year, though, Visual Concepts will need to raise its game to beat EA.
NHL 2K9 jättää jälkeensä kuitenkin hieman ristiriitaisen maun. Ongelmat eivät ole suuria, tai ainakin niiden merkitys riippuu pitkälti siitä, mitä virtuaalikiekoltaan odottaa. Satunnaisesti esimerkiksi kaveriporukalla tai verkossa pelatessa tekoälyn ongelmat eivät nouse alkuunkaan niin merkittävään rooliin, kuin pieteetillä konetta vastaan pelatun kauden aikana. Kevyttä kiekkoilua etsivälle valinta ei siis ole huono, mutta vuosipäivityksen kannattavuutta pähkäileville uusien ominaisuuksien lista on todennäköisesti liian lyhyt, minkä ohella sarjan faneja uusi, kevyempi lähestymistapa tuskin lämmittää.
NHL 2K9 wird es schwer haben in diesem Jahr. Der große Konkurrent NHL09 erscheint fast zeitgleich und spielte sich schon im vergangenen Jahr eine Klasse besser als der ehemalige langjährige Genrekönig. Wo NHL09 mit der DEL und vielen weiteren Verbesserungen punkten wird, hat sich bei Take 2 Sportreihe kaum etwas geändert, in Sachen Steuerung ist stellenweise sogar ein Rückschritt festzustellen, wobei die neue Belegung immerhin zugänglicher ist. Wer nicht unbedingt die aktuellen Mannschaftsaufstellungen benötigt, kann auch getrost zur Vorjahresversion greifen, die es schon deutlich günstiger gibt.
A buy to whoever felt intimidated by NHL 09’s approach in terms of game modes and controls. For the hardcore hockey fan...it’s hard to recommend but it deserves a good look.
PSX Extreme
The AI is extremely questionable, the graphics are good but not worth writing home about, the player control – while certainly easier – seems too stripped down, and there just aren’t enough sim elements to keep the hardcore hockey fan interested. On the other hand, the sound and accessibility drags us into the experience, there are plenty of simulated aspects that override any thoughts of classifying NHL 2K9 as an arcade-style sports game, and in the end, it all depends on what you’re looking for. Next year, though, we do have a suggestion for 2K: this cross-over 60-40 or 70-30 sim/arcade ratio is tough to pull off; maybe just go 100% in one direction. And for the record, we really don’t have any arcade-based hockey games out there… How’s about Blades of Steel 2?
Da Gameboyz
NHL 2K9 for the PS3 is a title that like any veteran NHL player knows how to put forth a solid effort. In their endeavor to make some positive changes 2K Sports has put forth a more arcade like experience which in the long run may attract a wider audience, but it has definitely taken away some of what made the game so great in the past, the simulation aspect of playing real hockey. I also have some difficulty looking past the fact that the visuals are in need of an overhaul and the AI needs to be further refined this time around. Regardless, NHL 2K9 is still a fun and enjoyable game.
Game Shark
What we have with NHL 2k9 is a top shelf hockey game that still needs some tweaking to perfect the on-ice experience. That said, the impact on the authenticity of the game of having such unparalleled realism in the realm of puck physics cannot be overstated. It’s too bad the off-ice experience, unless it’s patched, is a bit more of a mixed bag because the free agent problem in franchise mode is an absolute killer. Is it a better hockey game than NHL 09? That’ll depend a lot on how you like to play. While both games have their perks, I think EA offers a game that is a bit more fun to play because the controls and the overall feel of that game are just superior enough to make it a more compelling buy. There’s no question, though, that you can’t really go wrong with NHL 2k9, especially if you’re a dedicated fan of the sport.
A plusieurs, le plaisir de jeu est plus que jamais au rendez-vous, notamment grâce au six-contre-six en ligne. Parallèlement, les rares nouveautés se présentent davantage comme des détails dont on pourrait largement se passer, au détriment d'une véritable évolution que l'on attend toujours. Terriblement efficace mais peut-être un peu prévisible.
Game Informer Magazine
This series needs to sharpen its skates in numerous areas, because it’s simply a dull game. Skaters’ movements are so floaty that players often drift out of position and defensemen have trouble keeping the puck in the offensive zone. I’m also not a fan of the dekes (even with the new controls), or the franchise mode’s lack of depth. Can’t skate, low skill set, shallow, but can hit? Why isn’t Chris Simon on the cover?
All of this has us feeling fairly uninspired, yet our love for the series and appreciation for what’s gone into this season’s title means we’ll still skate our way to a Stanley Cup or two before we put 2K9 away for good. That may not be the best endorsement you’ve ever heard, but this sure ain’t the best hockey game we’ve ever played either.
Das Spiel hält sich nur deshalb im befriedigenden Bereich, weil es immer noch solide Fundamente in Sachen Umfang, Präsentation, Publikum sowie der herausragenden Online-Qualität beinhaltet, die Ligen und lagfreies Hockey jetzt auch im Sechserteam ermöglicht. Aber es stagniert auf seinem rasanten, mittlerweile allerdings überholt wirkenden Arcade-Niveau und lässt frische, deutlich spürbare Impulse vermissen. Und es riecht so stark nach Add-On, dass man den Entwicklern einfach kreative Faulheit vorwerfen muss. Natürlich macht es zwischendurch noch Laune, die krachenden Checks und wuchtigen Schlagschüsse abzufeuern - und auch die eleganten Dekes können sich sehen lassen. Es braucht allerdings eine Radikalkur, um dieses Eishockey wieder da hin zu bringen, wo es einmal war und wo es aufgrund seiner Tradition eigentlich hingehört: Auf ein ebenso packendes wie unterhaltsames Simulations-Niveau. NHL 09 ist dieses Jahr zwei Klassen besser.
Game Informer Magazine
Playing a mess like NHL 2K9, it’s hard to think that just a few years ago this was the hockey game of choice for serious puckheads. Now it would take several pucks to the head to even make me consider paying money for this experience.
Game Captain
Empfehlen kann ich den Titel nur denjenigen, die noch kein Eishockey-Spiel im Schrank haben und den Vergleich zu den Vorgängern oder der Konkurrenz nicht kennen. Ich hoffe mal auf das kommende Jahr und Verbesserungen in der Optik und im Gameplay – alte Liebe rostet nicht und ich baue auf Take 2.
If you can overlook the disappointing realism and focus on the tight multiplayer, NHL 2K9 may be worth a rental. But even with that said, there are too many issues that hold back NHL 2K9 from being a worthy recommendation when there are so many quality sports titles that released this fall.
Autant être clair, le gros du travail s'est manifestement porté sur le mode en ligne, avec l'intégration d'un simili-mode "Fixe", afin de contrôler individuellement le joueur de son choix et prendre part à des matchs à 6 contre 6. A l'instar du mode Be A Pro de FIFA, l'évaluation de la prestation en temps réel suivant l'efficacité du joueur offre un réel plus. Pas la peine de jouer les mythos non plus, il nous a été impossible de lancer une vraie partie à 12... cependant, trouver un partenaire pour un petit match ne posait pas le moindre problème. A noter enfin en 2008 la présence d'un mini-jeu bonus, qui permet de faire des tours de glace à bord d'une surfaceuse, sous licence officielle Zamboni. Ils ne savent plus quoi inventer...
In the end, it's hard to really bash NHL 2K9 other than to say it's a little bit of hockey-lite. NHL 09 offers more realism and gets our nod for overall long-term value. If you're a total rink-monger, get both and enjoy 'em for their differences.
It's hard to categorize NHL 2K9 as anything but a disappointment. Even though it will give you a tough game on the ice, the gameplay isn't very realistic and is monotonously simple-minded in its approach to both offense and defense. Only the superb multiplayer makes it worth a look, so if you're not interested in online leagues and tournaments, you can sit this one out and see what next year brings.
Cheat Code Central
Details such as these are creative and welcome additions to a sports game; 2K has done some outside of the box thinking to make their NHL title unique. It may be exactly what they need to distinguish themselves from their competitor, though, at this point, it probably won’t be enough to be the top choice amongst hockey fans. EA Sports still has the best hockey game on the market.