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Edge (Oct 25, 2007)
Valve's genius is in the way it constructs its worlds through unspoken means - and The Orange Box is a perfect realisation of some staggering talent. At its lowest points it is highly competent. At its best, there is little that can touch it. The variety of its substance runs the gamut - furious action both online and off, tortuous puzzles, and enrapturing narrative. In each part it excels and betters what has gone before; as a whole it is almost overwhelming in its depth, irresistible in value and certainly, unreservedly, brilliant.
Rarely is there a game that I have played as thoroughly as I have The Orange Box. I took my time, beating Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode 1, Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Portal, and put in a decent amount of time with Team Fortress 2. I think I am qualified to determine that this is one of the best games I have ever had the pleasure of playing. It is hard to argue that The Orange Box is not a 10. For starters, it comes with Half-Life 2, Game Freaks 365's Game of the Year of 2004. Valve did not just leave it there. No, they included two expansion packs, a unique puzzle game that would seem out of place other than for the fact that it could be considered the best puzzle game since Tetris, and the multi-player mayhem that is Team Fortress 2. If you can find a better value in a video game, please let me know about it. Congratulations, Valve. You have earned our first post-GoldenEye 10 out of 10.
AceGamez (Feb 06, 2008)
However, if you don't have access to a 360 or PC then the score is for you - on any platform, this is one of the best deals in gaming history, with all five parts of the compilation making for the most complete first person experience ever burned to disc. Half-Life 2 and its two episodic follow-ups are simply brilliant, and despite minor hiccups make for a must have game. Portal is the same as the other versions, allowing PS3 owners to play through this amazing game as it was intended. It is better than you could possibly imagine and it deserves all the praise that it has gained in its short life so far. And finishing off this already action-packed box is the awesome Team Fortress 2. Forget about the slowdown and the small hiccups - The Orange Box is one of the must have games of 2007 and regardless of which platform you choose, you owe it to yourself to pick it up immediately.
100 (Oct 01, 2007)
While any PC player worth their salt will have already cracked Half-Life 2 and Episode 1, The Orange Box still represents tremendous value for money, especially as you can ‘gift’ friends with the bits and pieces of the compilation you already own. But no matter what platform you play this package on, The Orange Box is a indisputable classic that no gamer should be without.
GamePro (US) (Jan 09, 2008)
By now, you probably know all about what the Orange Box has to offer but just in case, you don't, here's a quick primer: it includes the classic Half Life 2 as well as the follow-ups Episode One and Two; these mini-sequels do an excellent job of extending the story and set up what's coming next.
97 (Feb 13, 2008)
The ONLY reason to not purchase The Orange Box is if you were only interested in online gameplay and nothing else. On that count it's a big loser. But Team Fortress aside, this is about as good as a perfect release. It still won't appeal to everyone – no game does; but you'd have to be a damn fussy gamer to hate this to the core.
This version does have a few graphical and loading hiccups, but they don't ruin the experience on a whole. Unless you only own a Wii, you're running out of excuses for not playing these stellar games.
Cheat Code Central (Jan 01, 2008)
Ultimately, The Orange Box is one of the best deals in gaming. All five games that are offered are a blast to play, and if Portal and Team Fortress 2 were fleshed out a little more, they could easily stand on their own. However, most gamers will not be angry at Valve for packaging all of the games together, giving a nearly complete Half Life 2 experience (which could have only been made better by the inclusion of the original), a multiplayer game, and a puzzle game, all for the price of one next gen title. It would be hard to find a better deal anywhere and you definitely won't be disappointed by what is in the Box.
94 (Jul 02, 2008)
If you don’t already own this, you just…NEED to get it. It’s just a whole load of excellent games that. The single player alone lasts over thirty hours and is plain-and-simple compelling to the point where you don’t want to stop. I’ve clocked over one-hundred fifty hours into it (mostly TF2), and I’m still enjoying it. This is probably the best game of this console generation. So seriously. Go get it. Not even a million units were sold, and there are over 42 million PS3s and 360s out there. There’s no excuse for this to be such a low-selling game.
Gamer 2.0 (Jan 10, 2008)
When it comes down to it, The Orange Box is a must-have no matter what system you have, but if you’re a PS3 owner that has yet to play the game on either the PC or Xbox 360, there’s no reason to miss out on it now. You’re not just getting one great game, but five great games that aren’t just old relics that you’ve long since forgotten about. Whether it’s the great multiplayer fun of Team Fortress 2 or the great stories in Portal and the Half-Life 2 games, this is probably the only game that packs amazing value and great gameplay into one tidy package.
It may not be the best platform to play it on, but The Orange Box is still hard to beat, even with a hand tied behind his back.
92 (Jan 22, 2008)
Despite the issue of load times and the general slack pace of this PS3 port (and that the Xbox 360 and PC versions have been received with remarkably more favour), the fact remains that The Orange Box, regardless of what platform you play it on, has too much to offer to not be enjoyed. It's a revolutionary title offering five times more than any other developer would dare. There are potentially infinite playing hours available here, providing you get hooked on Team Fortress 2's zany online experience (and there's plenty of players mainlining daily). If it was all even half has good as it is, it would still be worth shelling out the RRP of 40 GBP for (and I'm sure you can get it for less).
92 (Jan 16, 2008)
Por lo demás sigue siendo un pack magnífico compuesto por 5 grandes títulos que ofrecen diversión y horas de juego a raudales; uno de los mejores juegos de acción de la plataforma.
Trotzdem, alles in allem bietet The Orange Box eine wirklich sehr gute Sammlung an tollen Spielen zu einem absolut fairen Preis. Wer nur eine PlayStation 3 sein Eigen nennt, kann bedenkenlos zugreifen, Multiplattformspieler sollten lieber zu der PC- oder Xbox 360-Version greifen.
90 (Dec 22, 2007)
Als je een geschikte PC of een Xbox 360 hebt, koop dan The Orange Box op één van die platformen. Maar als je alleen op de PlayStation 3 Valve’s meesterwerkje kunt spelen, aarzel dan niet. De zogenaamde problemen die deze port zou hebben, zijn zwaar overdreven door andere media. Ja, de PlayStation 3-versie is de mindere versie, maar nee, deze versie is niet mislukt en is prima te spelen. Ook op de PS3 komt dit Half-Life 2-pakket ten volste tot zijn recht.
GameSpot (Dec 12, 2007)
Frame rate and loading issues aside, the content in The Orange Box for the PS3 is as good as the content in the superb Xbox 360 version. This is definitely a must-have game for the platform that will provide countless hours of single- and multiplayer action. It might not be the definitive version of The Orange Box, but it still represents one of the greatest values in gaming history.
Vijf games in één pakket, dat is zeker geen slechte deal, zelfs als je Half-Life 2 al op je curriculum vitae hebt staan. Je vindt er sowieso iets tussen dat je zal bevallen en de kans is groot dat je uren zal doorbrengen met elk onderdeel afzonderlijk. Tot ziens op de Team Fortress 2-slagvelden dan maar?
Game Captain (Jan 26, 2008)
Die Orange Box bietet die volle Packung Half-Life und mehr. Wer Gordon Freeman bisher nur vom Namen her kannte und noch nicht in die Haut des Helden geschlüpft ist, für den besteht jetzt die Möglichkeit, die abwechslungsreichen Abenteuer des Wissenschaftlers nachzuholen, die zu Recht auf dem PC als Klassiker gelten. Zudem gibt es mit Portal eines der innovativsten Spiele der letzten Jahre und mit Team Fortress 2 einen sehr unterhaltsamen Mehrspieler-Shooter, dessen Comic-Grafik in diesem Genre einzigartig ist. Für diese Ansammlung an Spielspaß zum Preis von einem Spiel gibt es unseren Award. Allerdings sollte man mit dem Kauf der PS3-Fassung noch warten, bis ein Patch erschienen ist. Die nervigen Ruckler und längeren Ladezeiten zerren an den Nerven und sorgen für eine leichte Abwertung in der Präsentation und Handhabung.
86 (Jan 15, 2008)
Die Orange Box ist sowohl am PC als auch auf der Xbox 360 ein unausweichliches Must-Have für ausnahmslos jeden Actionspieler, auch wenn der PC technisch die Nase meilenweit vorn hat. Die PS3-Umsetzung bietet euch mit Ausnahme der Achievements eine identische Umsetzung des Prachtpakets - aber grafisch muss mal wieder der klischeehaft obligatorische Rotstift angesetzt werden. Besonders die famose zweite Episode verfällt immer wieder in schauderhaftes Ruckeln, welches das Bildschirmleben immer wieder unnötig schwer macht; außerdem sieht das das Original mittlerweile recht alt aus. Alles in allem ist die Orangenkiste aber auch auf der PS3 ein hochklassiges, umfangreiches und frisches Paket, das alleine für Portal und Team Fortress 2 ihr Geld wert ist. Einen technischen Meilenstein solltet ihr allerdings nicht erwarten.
3D Juegos (Dec 19, 2007)
The Orange Box es un gran título de acción para PlayStation 3. La posibilidad de jugar seguidos Half Life 2, Episodio Uno y Episodio Dos debe ser un imprescindible para los fans de la serie, y supone una inmejorable forma de conocer la fenomenal saga de Valve para los neófitos. Por su parte Portal es un excelente, aunque breve, acompañamiento que presenta deliciosos puzzles en una propuesta innovadora y fascinante. Team Fortress 2, por último, es el componente multijugador del pack, y es tan sencillo como adictivo, y tan rápido como brillante.
IGN (Dec 11, 2007)
All five games in The Orange Box are awesome, and even though we had problems here and there with some of the control choices, the experience of playing Half-Life 2 games should not be missed. Valve should be counted among the few that simply know how to tell a good story. However, the PS3 version is without a doubt inferior, so think carefully before investing the money (if you only own a PS3). The choice is yours, Mr. Freeman.
83 (Jan 18, 2008)
Die Orange Box ist eine empfehlenswerte Compilation, die mit den Half-Life Titeln sowohl altbewährtes, als auch frisches Material liefert. "Portal" sorgt mit seinen kniffligen Rätseln neben den actionreichen Shootern für angenehme Abwechslung, während "Team Fortress 2" auf brachiale und zugleich sympathisch präsentierte Mehrspielergefechte setzt. Insgesamt sollte somit nahezu jeder Fan des Actiongenres auf seine Kosten kommen und mit der "Orange Box" viele Stunden Spaß haben. Wer bislang noch nicht mit Gordon Freeman auf Alien- und Mutantenjagd gegangen ist, kommt an diesem Paket ohnehin nicht vorbei. Schade ist nur, dass der Spielspaß auf der PS3 von erheblichen Rucklern getrübt wird.
1UP (Jan 16, 2008)
Despite several technical deficiencies in this port, The Orange Box is still one of the most rewarding gaming experiences of 2007. We do, however, recommend you steer clear of the PS3 version unless you don't own an Xbox 360 or a PC with a moderate graphics card.
Gamigo (Feb 11, 2008)
Ganz ehrlich: Eigentlich sah es anfangs so aus, als wäre dies nur ein weiterer simpler Umsetzungstest. Als ich allerdings bemerkte, wie böse die PS3-Version im Vergleich zur 360-Variante einbrach, musste ich schon ein wenig schlucken. Hand aufs Herz, als Besitzer einer PS3, die nun mal später im Handel erschienen ist und somit die aktuellere Hardware besitzt, erwarte ich eigentlich, dass das Spielerlebnis „wenigstens“ gleich ist. Aber das es sich schlechter spielt, ist schlichtweg nicht zu verzeihen und wird von uns mit Abzügen bestraft. Wer aber damit leben kann, der darf sich auf ein fein geschnürtes Paket freuen und wird sicherlich viele spannende Spielstunden vor sich haben.
TheSixthAxis (Feb 24, 2008)
So, The Orange Box ends up more than the sum of its 5 parts due to the lengthy single player of Half Life 2, the fun multiplayer brawl of Team Fortress 2 and the inspired inclusion of Portal. It's true that the 360 versions run cleaner, with quicker load times and there's no force feedback for Dual Shock 3 owners, but it's still absolutely worth the money for PS3-only gamers. The hype might have already passed, but if you've yet to pick up The Orange Box, we suggest you make it a priority this week. If you're skint, please, please rent it just for Portal.
80 (UK) (Dec 14, 2007)
So, an 'eight' it is for PS3 Orange Box then, but with it, the stark reality that most of that score is attributable to the superb quality of the core Valve games rather than the shoddy conversion work which sees one game out of the five ruined, and another badly compromised. That being the case, if you own a PC, even a relatively lightweight one, that version will almost certainly be the better - and definitely cheaper - purchase.
80 (Dec 18, 2007)
I'm a massive fan of FPS games on a pad with shoulder buttons. I prefer it to keyboard and mouse. It was because of this that HL2 passed me by at a time when it should have put both hands on my shoulders and shook me silly. I'm glad The Orange Box has provided me, and other gamers like me, with an opportunity to experience everything PC gamers have been banging on about for years. Will it force Halo 3 addicts to put Master Chief's heroics on hold? Probably not enough to seriously dent its popularity. But we heartily recommend that you at least try to find some time in your busy gaming schedule for Gordon Freeman's more thoughtful exploits. If you love FPS gaming you owe it to yourself to get The Orange Box. Hell, if you love gaming, you owe it to yourself to get it. Anyone for cake?
GameDaily (Dec 11, 2007)
Obviously, the less experience you have with Half-Life 2, the more you'll enjoy The Orange Box. For veterans, the original and Episode One hold little value. But if you never played or finished those games, this is a must buy. Obviously, if you own an Xbox 360, you deserve to play that version over this one. Then again, if you don't and have never seen the game running on anything but a PS3, then you won't know what you're missing.
Meristation (Dec 19, 2007)
Teniendo que la versión más perfecta de The Orange Box sigue estando en PC, con un rendimiento óptimo en una gran gama de equipos, y que esa versión puede ser comprada por Steam, en castellano -buena parte al menos- y por 50 dólares -unos 34 euros al cambio actual- suena un tanto absurdo pedir 70 euros por una versión del mismo juego íntegramente en inglés y cuyo rendimiento es algo inferior al que puede poner en escena un ordenador de gama media-alta. Aquellos usuarios únicos de PS3 no tienen más opciones que la que nos ocupa para disfrutar un título de una calidad tan superlativa, y a buen seguro de que lo disfrutarán, pero en el gran escenario es una versión que podría haberse hecho mejor dadas las capacidades del sistema y lo que demuestran los últimos juegos aparecidos para él. Con todo, muy recomendable para cualquier usuario de PS3 sin posibilidad de adquirir la versión de PC.
80 (Jan 18, 2008)
Trois ans déjà que Half-Life 2 a vu le jour sur PC. Techniquement un peu à la ramasse et ludiquement rattrapé par ses pairs, il a un peu perdu de sa superbe aujourd'hui mais reste malgré tout une valeur très sûre, au moins pour son ambiance, dont on n'aurait bien tort de se priver, surtout en considérant l'offre Orange Box qui vaut toutes les éditions budgets du monde.
DarkZero (Jan 08, 2008)
It’s all very simple really. If you are interested in the contents of the Orange Box, and you just own a PS3 then you buy the game for that platform, it’s just that good. Sure, it is a slightly inferior version than the rest - with some crazy inexplicable framerate problems in random areas throughout the game - but the core product is still excellent enough to warrant you playing the compilation. However, if you own either a capable PC or 360 along side your PS3 then you either log onto Steam or rush out to the local shop o’ games and buy it for one of those platforms instead.
GameSpy (Dec 11, 2007)
There's no argument that The Orange Box is one of 2007's best values, and that the quality of the experiences trumps the quantity of games. It's important to point out that the PS3 version is the worst of the three versions available on the market. But in spite of the myriad technical flaws that drag down this port, Valve's source material is too rich to pass up if the PS3 is the only way that you'll be able to experience it. In spite of framerate drops, inconsistent online multiplayer, and other serious issues that weigh it down, there's little doubt that the five games in this package exude Valve's attention to detail and show off the developer's talent for making great titles.