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Planet 51: The Game (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation Revista Oficial
Contradiciendo lo que suele verse en licencias, y destinado a un público infantil, deja la sensación de ser un título trabajado en si mismo, y no la excusa para un producto complementario a la película.
PAL Gaming Network (PALGN)
Planet 51: The Game is a passable game for young children. While it has its fair share of glitches, there has at least been some effort put into the game to make it a varied and interesting enough experience. It's hardly going to blow your mind, but anyone under the age of 10 who enjoyed the movie should find this a relatively enjoyable experience.
PSX Extreme
However, in the end, Planet 51 just doesn’t deliver. The entire production feels bare and a little watered down, and the technical hang-ups continue to persist throughout the game. It takes too long to really get going and even then, some of the available missions just feel utterly ridiculous. The mechanics are okay and the graphics are average…“average” is probably the best way to describe the gameplay, although in some ways, “mediocre” might be a more fitting descriptive term.
Planet 51 wirkt auf den ersten Blick wie eine ungewöhnlich gute Lizenzversoftung; die durchaus schöne Spieltwelt weiß zu gefallen und die frei begehbaren Gebiete lassen auf gute Unterhaltung hoffen. Leider zeigt sich das spielerische Gerüst relativ uninspiriert und langweilt mit repetitiven Missionen und wenigen Geheimnissen. Die rund sechs bis sieben Stunden Spielzeit wirken in Anbetracht der riesigen Welt wenig, schaffen es aber dennoch nicht, mit interessanten Aufgaben aufzuwarten. Jüngere Freunde des Films werden mit Lem & Co. zwar ihre Freude haben, unter Umständen aber den gegen Ende erstaunlich hohen Schwierigkeitsgrad zu verfluchen wissen. Und die pädagogisch fragwürdigen Ladebildschirmtexte werden währenddessen von den Eltern mit einem Stirnrunzeln betrachtet – zurecht.
Alles in allem ist „Planet 51“ wieder einmal ein typisches Lizenzspiel, das mit technischen Macken und sich wiederholenden Missionen zu kämpfen hat. Kleine Kinder, denen der Kinofilm gefallen hat, werden wohl viel Freude mit dem Spiel haben, wenn sie es unter dem Weihnachtsbaum finden. Erwachsene Spieler sollten jedoch eher einen Bogen um das Spiel machen und ihr Geld lieber anderweitig investieren, da es sich in keinster Weise in irgendeiner Form hervortut.
Cheat Code Central
So, while Planet 51 isn't nearly as bad as E.T. for the Atari 2600 was, it still has many issues that'll keep it from being a fan favorite. Whether it's the floaty and complicated vehicle handling, the confused radar, the repetitive nature of the missions, or the random and surprising difficulty spikes, Planet 51 gives players (especially younger ones) a multitude of good reasons to stay away. This is unfortunate considering that at least the game wasn't just another movie-based action platformer, but in the end the bad manages to outweigh the good.
Planet 51: The Game isn’t a bad licensed game, really, but something far worse: it’s a boring game. In the rush to create something that wasn’t like most other tacked-on license game efforts, Pyro instead crafted a game that’s simply lifeless. Beyond any performance issues, there’s simply nothing here that’s compelling or attractive beyond seeing clips of the actual movie. Unfortunately, at some point the clips end and you’re given a rather start reminder of just how far video licensed games have to go to improve their reputation.
Spazio Games
Planet 51 conferma, purtroppo, la fastidiosa tendenza delle software house di sfruttare il buon successo di un prodotto cinematografico, di crearne un tie-in piuttosto insulsi ed anonimi. Nonostante il prodotto sia espressamente ideato per i più piccini, nulla lo salva da un giudizio scadente, semplicemente non c'è nulla del gioco che possa attrarre anche la fascia di pubblico più tenera considerando la concorrenza del settore. Se proprio doveste essere affezionati ai protagonisti delle vicende di Planet 51, sarebbe un'idea migliore quella di rivedere il film anzichè puntare su questo titolo che non ne raggiunge minimamente lo spessore o il divertimento.
Sous ses airs de GTA-like, cette adaptation du film Planète 51 se noie dans un raz-de-marée de missions plus affligeantes les unes que les autres. En dehors des déplacements libres dans les rues de la ville, le gameplay ne propose rien d'enthousiasmant, sinon quelques rares extraits tirés du long-métrage.
This isn’t exactly a saving grace grace though, the game just has too much going against it and is swamped in an overwhelming feeling of mediocrity. With dull events, terrible lip synching in the cut scenes, short story and just not enough to do for a sandbox game the few fun vehicle parts just aren’t enough. If you have some small children who enjoyed the film it’s probably worth picking up just to keep them quiet for a bit, but for anyone else it just isn’t worth it.