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Game Chronicles (Apr 24, 2012)
Prototype 2 is a sequel that far surpasses its predecessor with an interesting character, good storytelling, and a lot of gratuitous violence. I really enjoyed how the story and side objectives felt like one unified experience where everything was related to the character and his quest for revenge. Prototype 2 really drew me in this time around and I didn't want to put it down until it was over. And even when the story is over, there is a New Game+ mode with Insane difficulty tempting you to do it all again, plus you have that whole set of Radnet challenge missions accessible during the story or from their own menu option with Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals and leaderboards to compete with your friends . Whether you're a fan of the first game or just love a good bloody action game, Prototype 2 is a must own game for your PS3.
Game Vortex (Apr 23, 2012)
I had not played Prototype until just before I went to preview Prototype 2 and that was a real shame because I love the game. I'm not sure how I missed playing it when it came out. Luckily though, I have Prototype 2 now because it is even better than the first. If you like action or even hack n' slash games, I highly recommend that you go pick up Prototype 2 as soon as it hits the shelves because it is highly addictive. It's got a strong story and lots of killing; what more could you ask for?
BioGamer Girl (Apr 28, 2012)
Prototype 2 is one of those games that you just can't seem to put down. The addictive nature of fighting off enemies with the power of the Blackwatch virus running through your system is truly a thing of beauty, and being able to unlock more moves as you progress through the game will keep you glued to your seat until you've successfully completed the game. With the addition of fun side quests and an expansive city to explore, you'll want to keep coming back to Prototype 2 long after you've completed the main story. Do yourself a favor and go pick up Prototype 2, and let the chaos ensue!
Cheat Code Central (Apr 24, 2012)
There is a lot to love about this game, so long as what you love includes hacking through anything and everything that's unfortunate enough to get in your way and looking like a total badass as you leap tall buildings in a single bound or nonchalantly toss a helicopter into a tank. This is chaotic, visceral fun at its best that will easily please action fans the gorehounds alike. Prototype 2 is a brutal blockbuster that improves over the original in every way. If you're looking to get your destructive fix, look no further.
Game Informer Magazine (Apr 24, 2012)
Prototype 2 has officially redeemed this franchise. The mechanics feel the way you wished they would have in the first installment, and it’s a rush to abuse your incredible powers any way you see fit. If you’ve stayed away from the first game because of the lackluster word of mouth, don’t hesitate to jump right into the sequel. A slick video catches you up on everything right out of the gate so there’s no excuse to miss this taste of ultimate viral power.
AusGamers (Apr 26, 2012)
If you’re looking for an in depth story driven experience, Prototype 2 isn’t it. However, if you loved the original and just want to gallivant about New York City blowing shit up and giggling maniacally for a couple of dozen hours Prototype 2 has got you covered. It’s over the top mindless fun and god help me, I couldn’t get enough of the gameplay. The story… hmmm, not so much. Turn off your brain and have a blast.
PSX Extreme (Apr 25, 2012)
Prototype 2 isn’t difficult to analyze. With such a heavy emphasis on the violent action and just about everything else fading into the background, the experience survives on intensity and shameless entertainment. Technically, it isn’t exactly overwhelming, and there are other issues that pop up here and there. But with a large variety of attacks, a nice open world, and plenty of reason to experiment with your absurd abilities, you can really lose yourself in this dark, bloody, undeniably titillating world. Just don’t expect much beneath the surface.
Games Finder (Aug 14, 2014)
Prototype 2 is an enjoyable and unique experience that has definite appeal to fans of free roam games.
80 (May 18, 2012)
Overall, Prototype 2 is a decent game. It’s less frustrating than the first, with more options for customization, better abilities and more stuff to do. It’s hampered though by a garbage storyline and a serious lack of Barry Pepper. It’s worth a look if you liked the first game, or if you like super hero games at all.
Gamers' Temple, The (May 06, 2012)
Prototype 2's toys - the sense of freedom it gives you as you move across the city and the incredible destructive power that you can unleash on your enemies - make the game enjoyable enough. However, there's not enough behind it to shake the feeling that you're just doing the same things over and over again through the campaign and the free roam mode's lack of impact on the game's world makes it feel rather pointless. You can have some fun with it, but if you're looking for a challenging and engrossing open world game then you might be a bit disappointed.
Game Over Online (May 10, 2012)
Overall, I'd say Prototype 2 is a worthy follow-up to the original game. It improves on some key areas, has an intriguing plot, very good voice acting, and is a blast to play. However, its formula can get old after awhile and there are some nagging control and camera issues as well. It's a bit lacking in replay value, but is a must-have for anyone who enjoyed the first game. Others may want to wait for a price drop, and anyone who's remotely interested in it should at least rent it. Multi-system owners should be aware that the PS3 version requires half a gig of hard drive space, so if you're low on space, it might be better to go with the 360 version.
NZGamer (Apr 30, 2012)
There’s not much else to say about Prototype 2. It’s big, dumb fun, presented in a package that might be derivative, but at least has a lot of polish. The story is forgettable, and the jumping is entertaining; if that’s enough to pique your interest, give this one a rent.
76 (May 22, 2012)
Prototype 2 is a game that prioritizes fun over in-depth story and character development, which is a double-edged sword. On the one hand I quite enjoyed my time with the game – what male wouldn’t enjoy taking control of an overpowered superhuman character and unleashing hell on everyone in sight? On the other hand though, the lack of character development in Heller, the unbelievable reactions of those around him, combined with a story that doesn’t pack a punch and is occasionally at odds with the game’s action, stop it from reaching top tier status for me. If you want violence and fun and don’t care about story Prototype 2 should be at the top of your list. If you’re more story-driven, or don’t love extreme violence then you might want to look elsewhere.
Play Magazine (Apr 25, 2012)
Prototype 2 is a weird game in that the few things that make it unique – the excessive violence, the excessive profanity, the general level of excess – are destined to appeal most to those locked out by the 18 age rating. It has some great design clouded by its own immature attempts at maturity and ends up being worn down by eventual repetition. It’s thoroughly enjoyable without ever providing a single memory that will be found on various ‘OMG WOW TOP 10 PLAYSTATION 3 MOMENTS!’ lists from this day on, a great example to other developers on both how to make characters feel powerful and how not to handle story. That the live ad had to step so far away from Prototype 2 to stand out highlights the problem. It’s simply not a remarkable game. Prototype 2 is good fun – nothing more, nothing less and certainly nothing memorable.
GameSpot (Apr 24, 2012)
Prototype 2 is a safe sequel. It doesn't add anything particularly new or inventive to the genre, but small tweaks make it more accessible than the original game. Most importantly, it's an unabashedly fun adventure that doesn't have any doubt about what it wants to be. This is a game about killing enemies in an open-world environment, and little stands in the way to hinder your enjoyment. Mindless violence is is all the rage in Prototype 2, which makes for a stupid yet entertaining experience.
Armchair Empire, The (May 04, 2012)
All in all, Prototype 2 does a good job of creating an interesting combat engine, but falls short visually, in story-telling, and general mission design. Assuming that you are geared for some mindless death and dismemberment, this is a good way to spend the time until the new releases hit the open market.
GamingExcellence (May 29, 2012)
That's actually what makes it so much fun to play Prototype 2. For all the complaints I had about it, I wasn't thinking about those things when I was soaring through the air, throwing cars at helicopter strike teams, or ripping the tops off armored vehicles; I was thinking about what a good job the game did of making me feel like I was controlling a superbeing.
75 (Apr 27, 2012)
Prototype s'offre une suite relativement sympathique qui saura assurément se faire une place dans le cœur des fans. Toujours plus violent, notamment grâce à l'ajout de nouveaux pouvoirs dévastateurs, ce titre gore à souhait offre ainsi une expérience aussi jouissive qu'accessible. Si le scénario déçoit et que quelques défauts plus ou moins gênants sont de la partie, Prototype 2 n'en reste pas moins une très bonne pioche que nous ne pouvons que vous conseiller.
Digital Chumps (May 04, 2012)
While an improvement over the original, Prototype 2 still has significant flaws. Despite that, it's a fun game in spurts and worth looking into if you like sandbox action games or enjoyed the original.
72 (Apr 20, 2012)
Prototype 2: Nicht gerade hässlich, aber auch weit von hübsch entfernt. Jede Menge Missionen, die aber größtenteils ähnlich aufgebaut sind, wodurch es ihnen auf Dauer an Abwechslung mangelt. Das Absorbieren von Personen macht Spaß und verleiht dem Spiel einen interessanten taktischen Kniff - bis man dahinter kommt, dass man auf die Pseudo-Schleicherei pfeifen und einfach die Klingenarme zücken kann, das Ergebnis ist das Gleiche und deutlich einfacher. Das Spieldesign: Lediglich eine Verfeinerung der Formel des schwachen Vorgängers. Ein klassisches Wechselbad der Gefühle also. Und dennoch hat es mich unterhalten: Zwar fehlt Hellers Rachemission die Ironie und Over-the-Top-Action der Konkurrenz, aber das wird mit einer gut präsentierten Handlung und simpler, aber sehr flotter Action ausgeglichen.
71 (May 06, 2012)
Prototype 2 doesn't impress in anything but it does provide a bit of fun. Roaming the city, consuming people and building your character to become an even better killer is what will keep you busy for a while. The rest of the game is just too bland to make much of a memorable experience.
70 (May 11, 2012)

בסיכום הדברים מורגש טעם קל של אכזבה. Prototype הראשון היה משחק פעולה מהנה, אך לא מהודק או מקורי מספיק בכדי למשוך תשומת לב מיוחדת. המשכו פרוע ממנו, אך שוב כושל ביצירת תחושה מיוחדת ובולטת מכל בחינה שהיא. אין בכך כדי לקבוע שהמשחק איננו מוצלח כלל. בתקופת הבצורת הנוכחית, מדובר דווקא בכותר אקשן מהנה ושווה ניסיון. מה שאינני בטוחה בו הוא אם לאחר סיומו אני באמת מחכה לפרוטוטייפ השלישי.

IGN (Apr 24, 2012)
Having no impact is kind of the M.O. of Prototype 2. I enjoyed leveling up Heller and completing side quests, but none of it really meant anything to me. Outside of the Trophies I have for my efforts, I doubt I'll remember much of Prototype 2's sterile side missions and curse word-laden dialogue. Prototype 2 is fun, but it sure is forgettable.
Push Square (Apr 30, 2012)
Like its predecessor, Prototype 2 is an enjoyable distraction rather than a must-play affair. Its varied combat and satisfying traversal mechanics provide the title with a surprisingly solid basis, but a lacklustre plot and dreary setting prevent it from competing with the very best in the open-world genre. There’s certainly fun to be had here, but it’s of the disappointingly dispensable kind.