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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Opening cinematic showing a large size asteroid heading for the Earth.
A few lucky, or unlucky ones, were chosen for the Ark project to save the mankind.
Waking up inside one of the arks... others were not so fortunate to survive the hibernation.
The Earth hasn't changed much... or has it? Stick around long enough to find out.
Before you start using real cars, you'll start with something more simple.
First few missions you'll be able to work for Dan Hagar, the guy who saved your life from the savages.
Select your weapon and ammo when you are alone because the game won't pause for it.
Exploring the caverns of a deadly gang of savages... then again, almost everyone in this game is a deadly savage.
You can focus on aiming, but that will impede your movement.
With danger lurking around every corner, there is little time for admiring the view.
Blasting your way through the wasted garage with a shotgun, but watch out for the boss in the armored car.
Use crossbow and a lot of crouching if you want to go unnoticed.
Exploring the ruined city.
There are mutants, and then there are mutants. Unfortunately, you can't pick your fights.
Dodge huge piles of concrete he's tossing at you and time your missiles as this boss has only one or two weak spots.
Electro bolts and water is a deadly combination for anyone standing in the water.
Wrong weapon for close quarter combat with multiple enemies.
Mission objectives.
Checking your character's stats.
You can engineer various contraptions and devices if you have knowledge and materials.
Hacking door means cutting through the lock and blowing it up with the right kind of device you can either find, buy or engineer.
Head shot, but due to his armor he won't go down that easily.
Feltrite rounds are deadlier than the regular bullets. There are several types of bullets for every weapon, each with their advantages and drawbacks.
Need to find a way to deactivate the force field.
Each location in the game has its own loading screen.
Mission screen.
There is no law to uphold in this game.
Some enemies are quite mobile so don't count on one shot one kill tactic.
Hold your fort, they're coming from all sides.
Use grenades against enemies in cover.
There goes the head... use your boomerangs in combination with firearms for best result.
Too close to dodge.
Some enemies are tougher than the other.
Checking out the local store.
Playing a card game.
Before you head into wasteland, tune up your vehicle in the garage.
Driving through the wasteland.
Destroy bandit cars and cash your reward.