Resident Evil 6 Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Title screen (Japanese version)
Main menu
The game features three campaigns (and a bonus one), each with different storylines, settings and characters.
Opening campaign starts with Leon running for the safety through the zombie horde all the while trying to save his partner
Many of the in-game actions require precise timing to be successful.
Your partner doesn't look good, need to carry her along
You can switch the character side to your aiming preference.
Handling inventory... you can assign herbs to a button for quick use during sticky situations.
Switching between weapons.
If anyone knows how to deal with zombies, it's Leon S. Kennedy.
Trying to outrun the chain reaction.
Shake off the undead enemy before he takes you with him.
This party doesn't seem so lively... where are all the guests?
Watch your aim, there may be survivors in here.
She turned, no time to think, shoot!
Welcoming committee in the parking lot.
A single head shot may no longer be enough to take a zombie down... not until you upgrade your weapon.
If he's flying the ship we're doomed alright.
Leon doesn't go down easily
The monster is out of the plane, but the danger is far from over.
Each scenario (except the bonus one) lets you select one of the two playable characters (or both in co-op mode).
Time to rope-way down from the helicopter.
Welcome to Hong Kong
Break the boxes to find ammo, health packs and other collectibles.
Journalists... they're everywhere.
Chris is tossing them like bad habit... guess he learned how to do it in Africa.
He didn't hide well behind that corner.
Mutated J'avos require a bit more time to deal with.
Chris and his BSAA buddies somewhere in Europe, fighting the bio-terrorism.
You can also fire from a lying stance but your movement is limited.
Close combat can be very useful, but it is draining your stamina.
Blur effect due to the constant action and various explosions
And that's a knock-out!
Watch out for enemy snipers.
Enemy in sight
Be sure to help your partner in combat.
Chris coming to the rescue in a Harrier
Jake is new character to the series, and he happens to be Albert Wesker's son
Too bad you can't kill them before they hatch.
It may be hard to see your way through a sandstorm, so check your navigation map for directions.
You can't help your partner until she unlocks the door from the other side.
Some bosses are too tough to take on until you got the right weapons and surroundings.
Little Sherry from RE2 is all grown up now.
Jake and Sherry fighting back against the undestructable enemy
Chris versus Leon
The bonus scenario lets you play Ada Wong's side of the story.
Stealth takedown
Sneak up on the enemy for a silent kill.
Once you're spotted the enemy will call for reinforcements and sneaking will no longer be a viable option.