The German version of the game did not include the bonus disc with the demo of Resident Evil 2. Most probably this was because of the publisher being afraid that the game (RE2) might have been banned even before its German release.

Funny enough, it did contain the uncut intro accidentally missing in the US release, though.

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The directors cut release of RE was supposed to have the original, uncut intro and the uncut version of the scene in which you first encounter a zombie put back into it. However, when the scenes were being approved for release, there was a problem with copyright and instead of removing the offending article, the new cutscenes were rejected and the old, censored cutscenes were put into production. By the time Capcom USA noticed the error, RE DC was on it's way to stores complete with cover art that specifically advertises the uncut scenes. They made no attempt to rectify the situation and never returned the scenes to any overseas copies or any future Playstation releases of the game.

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Came with a playable demo of Resident Evil 2.


According to publisher Capcom, Resident Evil: Director's Cut has sold 1.13 million copies worldwide since its initial release (as of June 30, 2016).

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